The online medium provides extensive data on user behavior. First-hand information that, well channeled, can be very useful for small businesses.The information provided by the Big Data is a rough diamond, which should learn to polish.

Therefore, they should set goals, to have professionals in the field and allocate the necessary resources. Companies have begun to have analysts, technicians able to draw useful conclusions from the data recorded. They are professionals with the right tools and know what to analyze, depending on the objectives.

Big Data is a diamond in the rough to be learned to polishDetect trends and be flexible to changes. Thanks to intelligent analysis of Big Data is possible to analyze market trends and meet the current demand of the target audience and their concerns and interests. Thus we can see what kind of consume, or knowing what most often looking products; detect those who have fallen into disuse and what others are those who are gaining prominence. All this only watching, without asking directly, and influence decision-making, or disrupt the user experience. With this information, any company may be able to adjust your product or service to real demand, adapt to new trends and anticipate changes in the market. A great opportunity to reach both large and small that only the Big Data is able to offer.

Customers are willing to share their information, if that receive a personalized experience tailored to their needs. According to GfK, 34% like to receive offers and suggestions tailored to your interests products.However, they are respecting their space; if these actions by the company demonstrate a deal too intrusive, invading their privacy, they can annoy customers (77%).

A small business can position itself as a leader in its sector thanks to Big Data. As already we noted, the analysis of these data to detect trends and business opportunities, which offers the opportunity to specialize in a particular area, and exploit that niche.

Big Data is a window to knowledge about the market and users a transparent, accurate and realistic way. Hence the need to delve into this area and begin to unravel its mysteries. A task that is still resisting businesses:

Only 1 in 5 companies is able to implement the Big Data to your marketing goals (Econsultancy and Lynchpin). One area in which 60% of companies indicated that it is working since 2009 and still have not succeeded. One of the main problems they face is the great amount of data that occurs daily.This is a difficult volume to digest, if you do not have the right tools and resources.

However, there are also companies that are able to appreciate the results of their efforts. According to GfK, 62% of marketers in the UK says its marketing strategy has improved thanks to its application. Although very few companies lack a strategy to manage Big Data, approximately 9 out of 10 (86%) of the 896 companies surveyed by Econsultancy acknowledges that could take advantage of the data that provides web analytics. At least on occasion. It’s all about strategy and decidedly raise a bet on Big Data.

Information, well-managed, is power, a great source of opportunities available to any company, the results favor both the organization and customers. The latter gain in terms of user experience and product customization.

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