As customer requests increase in Twitter, customers increase their resources for customer service through social networks.

The new report by Simply Measured shows that 32% of brands now have an account dedicated exclusively to customer service. These improvements translate into a 63% quarterly increase in the number of brands that send more than 50 daily tweets aimed at responding to the requests of their customers.

PrintThe study, which is done quarterly taking as a reference the behavior of brands that belong to the Interbrand top 100 reflects the techniques that these brands are applying to respond to their customers, which sectors are those that offer a better service To the client through social networks and how they have improved over the previous period.

The electronics and technology sectors are the most requests received through Twitter, 67,000 and 46,000 respectively, probably because these customers are more familiar with the new technologies. For its part, Nike is the brand that best serves its customers through Twitter, with a response rate of 73%.

The data also indicate that the brands serve in the first instance via Twitter, but then derive the process towards the usual channels of customer service. Here the corresponding department continues the process outside the media sphere.

What are the tactics used by brands in their response to customers?

  • 20% are directed towards the web, in order to continue the process in the traditional way
  • 12% request more data in order to attend to your request
  • 9% are referred to an email address
  • 6% sends a direct message
  • 5% gives them a phone number

Other clues and conclusions of the study, emphasize that brands are investing more resources in the area of customer service through Social media, and in particular through the social network of microblogging. 32% of the brands are now better prepared.

Requests from customers in social media have increased 5% since the previous quarter, while the response rate by brands has grown by 13%, sending about 94 thousand tweets aimed at responding to their customers . More than half of the brands that have an exclusive customer service on Twitter send 10 more tweets a day.

The average response time is also shortened, reaching 4.6 hours compared to 5.1 the previous quarter. In addition, the response rate has also increased somewhat, from the current 42% to 45%.

Traditional channels of customer remain relevant, 20% of the tweets refers clients to these ways, the most common technique.

The brands do not have a service 24/7; 80% of their responses were concentrated during working hours. The period between 10 pm and 7 am was the one that registered the least interactions. Fortunately, 70% of customer requests were made during working hours, between 6am and 6pm.

This new wave of Simply Measured shows that brands are aware of the importance of serving their customers through social media, although they still have to keep working, in order to improve response time and the number of requests met, Which is still less than half.

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