At this point, it seems clear and obvious to all the importance of our brand having presence in Social Networks due to the great potential offered by these new channels integrated into marketing strategies.

However, there are still those who doubt the convenience of having their brand or company, whatever its size, enter the social ecosystem, arguing most of the time that its main reason is to be exposed to criticism from users and complaints.

Visible in all social profiles, ignoring the fact that criticisms are going to continue there, only that we will not know who criticizes us, why and in the environment in which it is produced, not being able to do anything about it.

If we take the data provided by Cocktail Analysis in your infographic, we see how social networks in companies already form an indisputable tool in the marketing strategies of any company, whether small or large, since, for example, users use these social media more and more to make purchases, being informed before acquiring any product or service (48% of users do this).

On the other hand, it is evident that the presence in social networks of companies is growing, since it is a means by which they can converse with their clients and create a very important engagement with them, keep in mind that 79% of Companies already have at least one profile in a social network.

It is clear that companies are increasingly convinced of the effectiveness of Social Media, since more than 50% think that their competition is reaching more consumers and with more success thanks to them.

According to the data of the study mentioned above, users, meanwhile, are also aware of the advantages offered by social media, since, in them they find a direct and fast contact with brands, in addition to finding beneficial conditions of purchase, as discounts or special promotions. In fact, The Cocktail Analysis affirms that 85% are active users of social networks, which means an important number of potential clients that we can reach by performing the appropriate actions in social media, with Facebook being the largest number of users agglutinates “in their ranks”, so if we perform a good action in this social network, we will have many chances of success.

The key is to be where the users and audiences are, but letting them be the ones who find us, a basic principle of the so-called Inbound Marketing or attraction marketing 2.0

Our presence in social networks will also allow us to segment the public we want to target, towards those who focus our product or service, so that we can save time, effort and money in marketing campaigns, although, it is also necessary to point out that the presence in social networks, it demands an extreme pampering of our brand image in all its aspects, even in those that we think may be less relevant.

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