Social networks are undoubtedly increasingly important for companies. However, its management, analysis and integration with other channels can be a challenge for those who intend to get the most out of them. To do this, the internet offers us a wide variety of resources and tools that we can use with this objective.

Therefore, we wanted to prepare a great selection as a glossary “From A to Z”, with more than 75 resources and useful tools for social media and social networks that will surely be very useful to facilitate any type of action and strategies through this type of media.

Addictomatic : Addictomatic is an on-line tool that makes it easy to keep up with the information and everything that is said around us … By entering the keywords in your search box, the latest news will appear (in real time), from Twitter, Google, Youtube, Facebook …..

Amplicate : This tool allows us to measure our influence, as well as a large number of services aimed at obtaining information related to our traffic. Through a quick search, it allows us to obtain the data of the perception that the market has about our brand. In addition to the basic version, it contemplates other payment options that optimize the data collection experience.

Attentio: Payment monitoring tool. You can measure practically everything, traditional media, blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook, and also video and image platforms.

Babller : The Babller service allows you to read and update status on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin in several languages. Babller will instantly translate your status to any selected language.

Backtype real-time statistics platform capable of evaluating Twitter activity through its BackTweets service. Twitter has already bought it this summer.

BiggerTwitter : Web-based tool that allows you to post tweets of more than 140 characters on Twitter including a link in the tweet. : Decreases the URLs to 20 characters and shares them.

Boardreader : It is a search engine that will return the sites where mentions appear to the brand, includes a graph that shows the evolution of them and collects information from social networks such as Quora.

BoardTracker Tool that offers detailed graphics and advanced analysis based on quality data. Identify trends and track competitors to stay ahead of the game. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and social media over time. To spy … ^^

Booshaka . It tells us who is a superfan while rewarding others on a weekly basis based on their participation in the page (comments, I like it and posts on the wall).

Blogscope : Although this tool still has challenges to resolve related to its graphics, considered as unpleasant by users, the truth is that the information it gathers is of great relevance. Includes the influence curves of the brand, the high points of social action, geographic searches and keywords.

ContactMe , which allows you to add business information such as logo, address, telephone and social profiles, as well as being very moldable to our liking.

Coupon for Pages . What can be more exciting for our fans than offering some good offers on our page? This application is ideal for our fans to print the coupon immediately and share them with their friends. Not only will we be able to win new fans, but we will also build loyalty and support our brand.

Cotweet : This application allows us to keep several twitter accounts open in the same environment. A priori, it seems not, but it can be very useful for social media professionals and community managers who manage different brands simultaneously.

Empire Avenue : It is a tool that will allow us to learn how to make good use of social networks and make them much more effective through various measurements, as well as helping us to expand our network of contacts

Events Calendar : It allows administrators to create and maintain a list of events related to their brand page and display them in monthly calendar format for fans. It is possible to configure the name of the event, the date, the time and the link to the email.

Facebook Insights : The tool that makes available the social network for any administrator of a page, gives us in-depth information on the interaction of our community. With geographically disaggregated information that allows us to identify where our followers come from, in order to adapt our marketing strategies.

Fan of the Week : Count, week after week, who are the most active. There are still doubts about how it works, but when making comparisons with other applications, it does not give bad results.

Feed Compare : It helps us to identify the scope of our brand through an RSS comparator.

File Sharing . This file sharing application allows administrators to share up to 5 files with the fans of the page.

FollowerWonk : It is a tool designed for twitter, which allows us to obtain information about our brand integrated in a universe of users. It gives us an idea of ​​the scope of the same among the networks of our followers and allows us to obtain metrics and graphics of great relevance in obtaining our ROI in Social Media.

Fotobabble : This application allows users to add voice to the uploaded photos and share them on Facebook pages, allowing many opportunities like organizing contests where people have to upload photos with audio for others to listen to.
To communicate with the fans of the page.

Forum for Pages : Since the forum was removed from the pages, this application is one of the best alternatives to take its place. We must authorize the application, first, and in the menu we will be able to edit, delete or prohibit a user to enter it. It is even possible to block a conversation thread, if something goes through channels that we do not want.

Genbook : An ideal application for small businesses, because it allows potential customers to confirm appointments through them. You have 30 days of free trial.

Google Insights : Generally ignored, this tool from Google, not only allows us to track our competition, but more specifically, locally so we get personalized information in relation to the specific needs of our target, in each region.

Hellotxt : social tool for both web and mobile platform that allows you to update 50 social networks with a simple click.

How sociable : It is a tool for measuring influence, in the basic version, it allows us to study the indexes of our competition and for 19 dollars / month, it gives us information about our brand.

IceRocket is a search engine specialized in search in real time is a free resource for people looking to control their brand.

Influencer Exchange Appinions : This platform helps to discover, identify, perform and control the main influencing factors. Taking advantage of the power of opinions, the service covers everything that exists on the network, photos, forums, social networks and press articles, offering a complete view of the influential landscape.

Jotabl : a tool that you can install on your website and that allows visitors to leave comments. Visitors can register via Twitter to add their messages.

Klout : Without any doubt, the tool for measuring the most consolidated and recognized influence in the network. It allows us to obtain a recognized influence index within the market.

Lazyscope : allows to see the shared links in the stream without having to visit the web.

LiveGo : web tool that allows you to be connected to multiple social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and email accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo.

LocaFollow : It allows you to search Twitter users according to your interests and preferences, by zones, keywords, name or information of their biographies.

Listorious: A complete directory with the most important lists of Twitter and that allows us to find such lists easily.

Likebutton is a website that allows you to see in real time the most popular web pages that people are sharing on Facebook.

LiveChat : Application that allows to offer customer support in real time on Facebook pages. Well managed, it may even be able to turn visitors into loyal followers. It is not free, but it is possible to try it for 30 days without cost and without having to enter a credit card.

MentiónMapp : It allows us to identify which twitter user is talking about our brand. It is a very efficient tool to obtain information related to our online influence, essential to obtain an efficient ROI.

My flickr : This application is to show the images saved in flickr. They appear in a box on the Facebook profile homepage or in a new tab called My flickr. Interesting if it fits with our objectives and business model.

My Linkedin Profile: Presents on Facebook, your profile created in the Professional Social Network Linkedin.

My Top Fans : Once it generates the results, it can be published on the wall for all of us to see.

Natter : online service that monitors your tweets and posts them on Facebook. It also works the other way around, the comments that are posted on Facebook are published on Twitter.

Nmincite : Previously (BlogPulse) A free Nielsen tool that aims to identify all mentions of a word in blogs. It is a basic solution that does not allow more than obtaining a list without classification or filters. It is for Nielsen a gateway to the market for its advanced consulting products, such as BuzzMetrics.

Omigilii is your way of finding “subjective information”. Unlike traditional search engines, search sites and pages, Omgili finds consumer opinions, discussions, discussions, personal experiences, response and solutions. Wuay !.

Open Facebook Search Searches on the public Facebook timeline.

PeerIndex : They themselves describe it as “a measure of their online social capital”. Follow our tracks and the resonance of everything we do, in addition to comparing ourselves with other friends and colleagues.

Post Planner : It allows us to program publications on the wall (text, links, images, videos, etc.) without leaving Facebook. It is free for the time line of our profile, but for the pages or groups it has a cost of 4.95 USD per month, although it has a free 30-day trial.

PostRank : It is a service that shows where and how the users relate, showing it in real time and measuring the activity of a certain person. It is one of the most accurate indicators of relevance and influence of a particular site or author.

Rankur : This tool allows us to manage our online reputation thanks to the daily analysis of 30,000,000 pages, essential for Social Media Marketing professionals.

ReputacionXL : This is a tool that allows you to monitor using keywords or Urls, which allows a greater refinement of your management.

SamePoint : More focused on social networks and very efficient. Deliver results related to the social activity of your company in real time

Selective Twitter Status : It allows posting on Facebook the comments made through twitter. With the advantage that you decide which comments you want to show (adding #fb at the end of the comment).

Social Mentión : The key words continue to be protagonists to optimize this tool that the network gives us for free. It is a social search engine that analyzes the impact of different keywords.

Scribd for pages : This application is far the best to share files because it supports many formats (doc, xls, ppt, txt, jpg, pdf, etc.). These files will have more opportunity to be shared than the others, because they can also be embedded or sent by email.

Spy : Developed with Google App Engine, this metasearch engine in real time can show us the appearances of the selected keywords in different social networks. Ideal to monitor conversations on social networks and track what they say about our brand.

SupportTab : This application creates a tab for our fans to ask questions. It is ideal for those who do not feel comfortable or do not have time to moderate a forum, but we still want to communicate with fans about issues related to the brand.

Statbrain : A traffic measurement tool that gives us information about the number of weekly visits of any Web portal.

Static HTML : iframe tabs. If we do not have enough tabs on our page, with this application we can add up to 12 more.

Statigram : Designed to measure the activity of Instagram, it allows us to obtain relevant data related to the habits of our followers.

TinyURL : reduces URLs to 23 characters on Twitter as well as on other platforms.

TurnSocial : a free toolbar that allows SME websites to add social media and geolocation based on applications as well as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare …

TymeLy : Knowing when is the best time of the day to launch our tweets, has always been a challenge. This tool gives us the answer.

Trend.IceRocket : This tool in a powerful trend thermometer, allows us to make comparisons through keywords and gives us graphics that compare social participation.

Trendistic : This is a tool considered as a trend identifier.

Tweeteffect: This tool is designed to filter the Twitter data in order to show us which of your tweets have made people follow you or stop following you.

Tweetreach : This tool informs us of the number of users that saw our tweett. It gives us information about the most influential people on twitter as well as a free version that shows up to 50 results. It also has paid versions that show a more detailed analysis.

Tweetlevel : It is a tool designed specifically for public relations and marketing, which helps brands to use Twitter effectively. It is a permanent beta because, as they say, “they seek to improve continuously to provide the best statistics on the influence and comments of a specific user or brand.”

Twitalyzer : It is a tool that looks at who is in our network giving us real data about it, as well as generating classified lists about all the users that follow us based on their location and the labels they use in their profiles.

Twitaholic : It is a tool that allows us to see who is the biggest twitter, in addition to giving us our position in a ranking on number of followers through our location.

Twitalyzer : It is a tool that looks at who is in our network giving us real data about it, as well as generating classified lists about all the users that follow us based on their location and the labels they use in their profiles.

Twentyfeet : It offers statistics about the activity on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,, Google Analytics, MySpace and other important networks, showing us the key indicators in each one of them.

Twittercounter : Analyze the account and its followers over time, more influential users, impact content, etc. As we seek more information, the Premium versions begin, starting at $ 15 a month to obtain information on mentions and re-tweets. : It is a tool that allows you to compare a twitter profile with that of another user, creating a comparative infographic. It is not, however, a very effective tool for comparing brands.

Xople : Knowing what people say about you, your brand or company on the internet and being informed at all times is vital today. By importing the generated OPML file into your RSS reader, it will allow you to be always up-to-date on the comments made on the internet of the words you specify.

Youtube Video Box: It is an application for Facebook that aims to unify both services, more specifically embed YouTube on your Facebook and import videos from our YouTube account

WhoSay : It is a service only for guests and intended mainly for artists, athletes and great personalities to help them connect with their fans. When it is published through this platform, users know that it is a real user and not a robot.

Whostalkin : One of the oldest but not least interesting or effective to manage our online reputation and analyze the feedback of our brand through different channels and social platforms.

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