The clients are naturally involved in the online environment; They feel in their sauce and enjoy looking for information, sharing content and interacting right and wrong with both other users and brands. This online affinity of the users with the marks is evident in the work done jointly by SurveyMonkey and Kentico.

Among the conclusions of the study highlights some important aspects such as that the web is the second channel preferred by users to connect with brands, only surpassed by short distance by word of mouth (28% vs. 25%).

PayPerClick_v1When it comes to communicating with the company, 48% choose to use electronic mail, while less than 20% use the phone or the web. 2 out of 3 clients would be willing to share personal information, if they would receive a better service.

But … How can brands provide a good online experience?

Reducing the waiting time. 45% especially complain that they do not receive a quick response to their request.

Offering a real solution to the problem. 32% criticize that the response does not meet their needs, is not useful.

These two points are solved with adequate personnel, prepared to perform the functions of customer service. These conclusions reinforce the data obtained in the survey conducted by Dimensional Research; Where 69% of the participants indicated that agility in the response was an essential condition, and 65% also stressed the importance of the staff being friendly and correct in the deal.

Improving web browsing

It is imperative to have an optimized web, not only from the point of view of usability, but also includes all the necessary information at sight, which is really useful and the client can easily find everything he needs.

This aspect is not only aimed at the traditional desktop web, but should also apply to new mobile devices; Which have already become essential in the day to day of users; Who even show a multichannel behavior, and expect the brand to live up to its demands and guarantee them a quality experience in any of them.

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