Consumers agree to receive commercial messages, promotions and coupons, provided they are targeted to their needs. This type of communications received will be better or worse depending on the channel chosen by the company. Therefore, it should know the preferences of customers, when designing these trade actions.

Before launching send these messages useful to know the degree of acceptance by the target audience. Thus, according to the report collects Message Systems, half of customers do not want to receive any commercial message, by brands. Faced with this refusal, companies should heal in health, and ensure that consumers will not reject full these communications, which would affect their perception of the brand.

How do consumers prefer to receive promotional messages from brandsAs for other customers who are willing to receive these marketing communications, e-mail out as the main communication channel to reach customers their offers and promotions, according to the 25.08% of respondents. Meanwhile, 9.3% prefer text messages, and reduced 5.29% opt for Social Media. Note that the phone call is not at all effective to publicize these commercial proposals medium.

The effectiveness of e-mail marketing is amply demonstrated. Specifically, they consider brands that e-mail marketing is up to 40 times more effective than the strategy of Social Media. It is increasing profitability in the case of existing customers, where the percentage of positive responses is around 60 and 70 percent. In comparison, the percentage of acquiring new customers is between 5 and 20 percent.

According to the latest data from Mailchimp, 67.1% of participants in their study claims that uses the e-mail marketing mainly to disseminate their offers, discounts and promotions, while it is also a useful tool to increase brand awareness, thanks to the newsletters (65.7%). This Christmas, 63.1% use it to boost their online sales, with 49.3%, which will use it to improve their sales on site.

Digital channels are imposed when contact companies

The study of Message Systems also collects preferred by customers, given the need to contact businesses, such as in the case of customer channels. In this case, the e-mail is the preferred by customers, to address marks (31.79%) average. A role in which has managed to unseat the traditional telephone (29.43%). Meanwhile, the online chat continues to gain adherents (9.41%), and has even managed to position itself ahead of the Social Media as customer channel (6.92%).

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