Are you converting ecommerce consumers worse off people, at least as far as mobility is concerned? Although doctors do not tire of repeating that the key to a healthy lifestyle is to avoid sedentary habits, new technologies make it increasingly easier to engage in this lifestyle. And e – commerce is one of the things that make consume without getting off the couch is more and more (and could keep adding mases ) easy.

In fact, the tendency to do everything from the couch at home has already become an element identified and named in the analysis of where e-commerce is going. It’s called e-sofing and studies determine that has not stopped growing in recent years. The fact that tablets and smartphones have further simplified the purchasing process has made the e-sofing even more addictive and less avoidable. In the United States, according to a study by Unbound Commerce, between 2010 and 2015 the e-sofing grow by 52%. According to another study Verdit, the number of consumers who already buy from her living room has reached the 2 out of 3.

The e-sofing is basically sit, relax and eat without leaving the site. At first, consumers acquired through e-commerce only certain products, but it is now much easier to buy everything. There are pages for shopping or to grab clothing latest discounts. Reading books are purchased online and downloaded in seconds in our ereaders (and what better than the idea of a good book and a comfortable sofa to spend the afternoon) and up is no longer necessary to go to the cinema to see the latest releases. The smart TV is already with all my pages VoD to do with the movie we feel like seeing.

How the e-commerce has caused consumers to become lazyFor power, you do not even need to leave home to stick a gourmet dinner. Until only a few years ago some fast food restaurants were those who delivered at home. You could order Chinese food or pizza from one of the chains that were trying to gain market. Now the range of offers has more. Firms like Red fridge and, above all, Just-Eat have become benchmarks of a new model of ecommerce, contacting to restaurants and consumers so they can access their cards without leaving home. Now, the food to order is limited only by consumer taste and what you can offer the place in which they live. It’s fast, efficient, clean and, above all, it is from the same couch at home.

The possibilities are so high, the simplicity of the process is such that consumers have run out of excuses to leave home to eat. Is consumer immediate future definitely vague consumer? You have finished with ecommerce shopping sprees? Is it impossible for physical shops and businesses get attract consumers and loosen them from your couch? At the end of the day, who would be left dragging by hordes of consumers in the Christmas season sales period or when you can do everything from home and from the comfort of your sofa unshared?

How companies can attract consumers

The game, in the future, will not be alone in providing the best products, the best prices or pleasant shopping experience. The shops will have to become poles of attraction and make consumers really want to go to them. Its appeal has to be unquestionable and unquestionably overcome a late sleeper. As parents of school Supernanny, employing reward systems for their children to eat carrots, stores have to know how to put a good bait to make consumers come to the stores.

For example, some companies are opening cafes in their stores to attract consumers. It is what it is doing Muji in Hong Kong to attract consumers in streets where there is much competition. Thus, they are becoming much more relevant brands and stand out against the competition. From the point of view of how to fight competition from the couch, this movement is a pretty good way of adding value to physical shopping experience.

The possibilities are varied and shops must find what works for them. But the truth is that in the future will have to be artful and must learn to understand that what they are offered to consumers in their stores is different (and better) to stay at home.

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