It is likely that at some point, as a freelancer, agency or that is within your competence within a company, have a chance to take the reins to manage social networks when they have done things earlier, and most cases, they have not worked that planned.

It is in this situation where it is necessary to do an audit to measure, and have a clear understanding of the real state of the company in social media.

How to make a state audit of a company in social networksQuestions to answer to start with the audit

An audit represents the assessment of many tangible and intangible aspects that you have to serve for decision making in a social media environment.

To begin this task you must answer a series of initial questions:

  1. What social networks are present?
  2. Are they using any tool or application to manage?
  3. What the officials on the use of some social networks think?
  4. What kind of actions is carried out in case of negative mentions on the network?
  5. Is there any level planning that encompasses social media marketing actions?

All this will give some clues where to start.

Social media audit in 3 phase

For the process to take shape you need go through three distinct phases:

Internal recognition: here is where you will carry out the work to extract the maximum information relevant. Sets are important points to check: – Review of the status of the web, blog and lading pages: usability and design mainly.

– Check which parts of the website that are more attractive to users.

– How often they publish new content?

– Do you publish only content corporate? What %?

– Check the quality of the content.

– Check what the competition in these 5 points.

External recognition: here it is to analyze the actions of customers, consumers and competitors: – Analyze the social media presence of the 5 closest competitors.

– From your company and competitors grab a sample and see what there% positive, negative or neutral comments.

– If no monitoring tool and social network capable management is not used, which investigates are best suited to budget and required functions.

– Identify the interests of the community you want to impress your messages.

– List of keywords that should be in the profiles of the community in question.

Strategy: at this point and all data sorted and analyzed can draw a map of situation of the company. Therefore you are able to start with social media plan.

All this information you will collect is very important not to “grope” at the beginning and avoid spending resources in the wrong direction. He thinks that companies do not usually have a lot of patience and need data and metrics more or less quickly to keep believing in the project.

Would you do something else to do an audit of social media?

By ZsuNC

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