90% of consumers say yes. 9 out of 10 customers consider to talk to the sales staff or customer care is a waste of time. Therefore, more and more often, consumers prefer to look for other ways to solve their problems, and look for life elsewhere.

This may not be positive for all companies who, on one side, are missing opportunities to retain the customer and on the other, are wasting resources for staff. With all this, the customer experience is what draws the short straw.

Companies continue flunking customer

Contact the company assumes an ordeal. On the one hand, face the cold call waiting, accompanied by an automated voice or, failing that, totally impersonal. Otherwise, resign yourself to tell the story again and again, different operators, with the overriding obligation to identify every moment, and return to the origins. All this knowing that, in most cases, this ordeal will not have a glorious end, it may all come to nothing. It is so frustrating and exhausting.

Is the sales staff or customer a waste of time for the consumerThis can only have negative consequences for businesses, not only in terms of benefits, but also brand image. Customers do not hesitant to convey their frustration in their environment, with the consequences that implies for the company.

Not to mention the damage in terms of brand loyalty. According to the latest study published by KANA, customer loyalty has been declining for a third of them in the last 5 years. The report notes deficiencies in customer service as the main cause of this loss of credibility of the brand, by 25% of them.

Is it possible to improve this situation?

All this can be solved as long as the company is aware of the situation, and be will to improve. This is achieved with dedication to service, registered a sales strategy and customer protocol.

In this paper, comprehensive application, extend to all departments of the company, should be collected in detail the basic principles of customer management, problems / common issues, and how to act in each case. On the other hand, staff in direct contact with the customer must be properly trained and have the necessary tools to perform their job properly. This includes a complete history of customers, tracking each contact and actions to be carried out in each case.

Provide a satisfactory customer experience is the key to retaining customers. A truth loudly that still costs assimilate by retailers. Qmatic’s latest report shows how companies that offer a truly integrated customer experience are registering positive results. Thus, the data collected that 54% of those retailers that have effectively implemented technology at the service of its customers, most of them (70%) has appreciated the fruits of their labor, resulted in increased sales.

Managing the customer experience should not be a problem in the company, but the business base. A customer is never a hindrance, not a selling point, but an asset within the organization, which must be cared for, to keep; ensuring the best experience and service excellence.

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