Google Analytics is the most used web analytics tool, and more than half the companies bet on it. It seems that companies increasingly value the need to know in detail the behavior of visits on their page. These reasons have led 56% of companies to turn to Google Analytics to study in depth the behavior of users on their page. In addition, its popularity is increasing, and has grown 9% since last year, according to data offered by Econsultancy.

More than half of companies use Google AnalyticsWhat are the reasons why companies use this tool?

According to the Econsultancy report, companies particularly value their ability to measure page traffic and conversions (86%). For its part, 75% emphasize their ability to track their actions online.

In addition to these reasons, GA has two great advantages. On the one hand, it is a free, indispensable condition to win massively adept in the online world, and on the other hand, it is from Google, the great Internet giant and owner of much of the big data about the web browsing experience of the users.

This tool is also useful for ascertaining the effectiveness of the content and browsing experience of users. 60% analyze the behavior of the visits of your page, the number of page views or the time of permanence; While 40% analyze the relevance of its content. Another thing to keep in mind is the abandonment rate and the CTR, factors that unequivocally determine the quality of the users’ experience on the site.

However, not all companies are equally aware of the need to know what is cooked in the bowels of their website. The study indicates that 35% of companies do not use Google Analytics because it believes that their internal processes are not only complex enough; Reason why it thinks not to need it, whereas 10% does not know this tool.

However, you are missing out on a first-rate information source, the possibility of getting to know your customers better and better. Not counting using a web analytics tool is like setting up a store and, when you enter a customer, close your eyes so you do not see what you do inside the store. Only dedicate to collecting the product, not knowing what has brought you to the store, what products are interested, or when you leave. Every online company should at least monitor the effectiveness of its keyword strategy, in order to know its evolution and to be able to optimize it.

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