RSS feeds are back in fashion or perhaps it is simply that never ceased to be. For those unfamiliar with this type of resource, these generated some news websites and Internet blogs, files contain a specific version of the information published on this site, so we can use it to access information from different types of applications or news feed readers.

Although many feeds can be considered as secondary, the truth is that its importance can be vital to retain readers and attract new audiences to our website. In an era where information flow is becoming denser and where the tendency to share continues to rise day, news feeds can become a great ally of our marketing strategy and online communication.

News feeds, the new grail of mobile usersMuch has passed since Google announced the closure of Google Reader, its prestigious manager dynamic subscriptions based on such sources of information program. However, they have proliferated as many as the newFeedly, which gain new followers every day.

TwitterFeed , is another tool that has gained popularity in recent times.Through it, we can set our lists of RSS feeds and schedule automatic publication via Twitter. They also begin to resurguir strongly websites that monitor information from certain sources to show them thematically according to their relevance. The clearest example is with Ketiing , a new system of content related to marketing and advertising which are published in real time, the latest of dozens of RSS sources and reference publications, so that we can access the content and latest updates from different websites and participate in the evaluation of them.

Now that the content protagonist again more than ever, information feeds can serve to nurture resources to share with our audience. They are also a great ally of Content curation. Something the own Enrique Dans and put in maniesto , defining it as “a very interesting tool social media marketing can help brands to consume, filter and publish interesting content to their followers.”

In social networks like Twitter, we can find profiles with thousands of followers who have taken advantage of their potential to emerge as sources of information. … The strategy to provide content filtering based retweeted information or to schedule tweets based on previously selected news feed.

Therefore, it is important for companies and websites that have some type of internet publication, to have a feed of visible content and optimized for other users to stay informed through different types of media and applications. Something that becomes important after the emergence of this new mobile era where access to information from these devices is growing.

News feeds and RSS feeds are now a new grail for mobile users.Applications like Google Currents, Pulse or Flipboard popular have become some of the most downloaded and used by these users through their mobile devices.

Now you know, if you are social and want to give a boost to your content,adopts a feed !

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