Hierarchy runs for digital tools and especially for the online universe. A world of possibilities, by supply and demand, is opening up in this area, due to our growing consumption / dependence on the internet, as well as the commercial possibilities that the network of networks offers.

Online a train that you can not miss, but ...All this is a magnificent scenario for companies to be created in this environment and that almost all others, regardless of the sector to which they belong, have to look to the online world, to remain competitive, by imposing, on occasions, the Own customers. As a consequence, we often see significant variations in the business models of many companies, and even in some, there are total mutations of their old business models. In short we do not discover anything if we say that online is an opportunity, no doubt, just like any double side of the coin, can be a threat.

I think it is important that we reflect on how it affects all companies to exploit a “new channel” such as the internet and new technologies to companies.

First of all, something that you will hear too often in experts from the online world, in portals, social networks, crowdfunding, etc., is the invitation that your company investigates and proves when managing this area. That is, there are no rules of gold to exploit safely all the possibilities that this world offers, something that should not be strange, or is it true that in traditional marketing there are absolute truths, of course not, and is that when Is dependent on an element as variable as dynamic, as is the customer (the center of their decisions also on the internet), the absolute truth, you will only find it in “gurus” manuals, with other pretensions that add value to marketing. Therefore it is not strange, that in the management of on line there are no premises, nor maxims,

If your company starts, “flirts” or is interested in exploiting the field of online, I think it would be convenient to allow me to make some suggestions, I think may be of interest:

  • The online world in your company can not be something different or isolated from the strategic set of the company . In other words, if you create a kingdom of taifa in your company that is in charge of social networks, webmaster policies, online advertising, valuation of results, messages, resources and that does not connect it adequately with the strategic channel of the whole Of the company, that is to say, to ensure that it is in the same strategic line, without wishing to create a different company with different values and with a personality different from the one it now runs. The online must be a tool, which serves the interests of the company
  • For the above, I recommend that you plan on-line, insert it into the general business plan and more specifically in the marketing plan, yes the one that traditionally designs on an annual basis, integrate it and ask for goals as it does with the promotion Of traditional sales, advertising, or sales …
  • That young guy or young girl who just hired as a comunnity manager, as a webmaster, or the outsourcing agency for online affairs, informal appearance, who speaks very good English and uses terms that sounds Chinese Prototype) make sure they possess solid traditional marketing knowledge . It is very well that you know about KPI, google analytic, design and applications, but all this will not do you any good if you know how to use it, but especially for who use it. Without a strong marketing base, you will have employees who can cause you and the image of your company a lot of problems.
  • These people hired prior to putting you in contact with customers, suppliers, partners, workers, in front of the terminal, before! must know perfectly the company , its mission, its values, its personality, its target, strategies, Mods operand, everything!, remember that puts the image of the company in your hands, in the network, but in your hands. This medium, the internet, spreads the good and bad of a company in a much faster and more extensive than any other field. This is an opportunity and a threat, do not play it.
  • Do not be fooled when it comes to hiring. I mean that as in any trade, there is a lot of phantom that disguises itself as an online marketing professional, social network manager, etc., but perhaps online, it is more pronounced to use a terminology (although Very Anglo-Saxon, in your translation or when you explain it, you see that is using frequently used terms and with the same definition as the traditional mk) and tools adjusted to the virtual world. I insist the best way to avoid mistakes when hiring specialized staff is to see the fundamentals in traditional marketing that the candidates have, to observe the ease with which explains the tools to be used, the role of the same,
  • Your obligation is to decide that you ask the online field, not knowing the technique or tools to use to achieve the objectives. For that you already have your staff hired, but such staff will be lost if you do not clearly convey the objectives to achieve. If not, it opens the door for the technician to decide and act according to his own criteria and can be a problem. Objectives measurable and with a time of attainment as in any other area of the company.
  • Relax , your organization must treat its customers, subscribers, consumers, prescribers, suppliers in the same way that it does it personally or by telephone, THERE ARE NO DIFFERENCES !!!!, online must respect your customer service policies that work in the company. Therefore you should not create a different profile of Internet policies, you should only translate the ones you already have and adapt them to the internet medium
  • Not long ago tweet: Rafa Cera the competitiveness of peoples, businesses and the well-being of the population passes inexorably through the NNTT, do not waste time !!!! . With this I want to say of the importance that the online world and the NNTT take, they are present but surely they will be the future
  • So do not turn your back on your immersion, exploit the network, play profitable for your company and clients in this area.

For the suggestions that I make, you will be able to appreciate several issues that seem to me of interest in the management of the online function of the companies, as it has a strategic character (in some organizations more than in others, but in the very near future In all), on line should be put at the service of the company, not vice versa, online management professionals do not possess or have to possess any hierarchical or functional privilege in the organization, and that ignorance is Something that is overcome by learning and for that it is never late.

Returning to something that we talked about a few lines back, in online marketing, internet management is everything to do, there are no unquestionable premises, so it takes time to take advantage of the possibilities that are offered. Ask your appearance on the network to identify you as the company that is, do not confuse your customers, where your organization is present, it must be the same and behave in the same way.

By ZsuNC

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