Customer experience today is essential to ensure the viability of the business. Thanks to the Internet, consumers no longer adhere to a schedule when to buy, and expect the company to have the ability to always respond in a timely manner.

75% of customers buy online, so demand increasingly more often the attention of the company through virtual channels. A demand for care that does not always get the expected response.

There are obvious deficiencies in the customer experience in the online environment. SocialBakers data show that social networking is not yet an effective channel for customers to come to the brands, in order to answer your questions at the time of purchase.

Online experience and continuous attention to customers being poorWithout going any further, on Twitter, 1 in 5 messages addressed to brands is a question. However, more than 1.5 million of these questions directly to the company remain unanswered. In the best case, corporate replica is worth waiting for more than 9 hours. A term that clearly unbearable for customers; who would like to see their doubts resolved in less than an hour.

In the case of Facebook, the picture is not much better. By customers, there is still interest in receiving personalized attention through this platform 2.0.25% of messages addressed to the company are requests and inquiries. In contrast, 2 out of 3 of these applications is left unattended.

This behavior does not generate more frustration on customers, making them flee, looking for another company that cares about itself provides a satisfactory customer experience.

A priori, meet the need of customers in social networks is a necessity that companies and brands can not ignore any longer. Accent Marketing indicates that 72% of consumers only told marks when you have a problem, or you need information. Therefore, it is a unique opportunity to promote the engagement and build customer loyalty.

On the opposite side, poor customer does but seriously damage your loyalty. Data KANA shows that customer loyalty has been decreasing steadily over the past 5 years, its main reason for this lack of awareness with the customer experience.

Therefore, despite efforts by companies, there is still much progress in this direction. This requires an initial awareness, followed by a bet, including a strategy and investment of resources needed to implement it.

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