29% of the restaurants surveyed see in the online booking websites the easiest and most efficient way to save time and effort.

The digital world prevails, if a few years ago we did not conceive of another way to reserve a table in a restaurant that was not calling on the telephone, now less and less are those who resort to the call for this type of negotiations and more those who choose to do so Directly online. According to a study conducted by online bookings already account for about 40% of the total bookings received by a restaurant, compared to 50% still receiving by telephone and 10% coming directly from people who pass through the restaurant.

Online restaurant reservations grow 120%Either through the website of the restaurant or through online booking websites, customers are increasingly choosing this type of reservations, in which they mainly do not have to depend on whether or not they pick up the phone or if the Establishment is open or not at the time of booking. Comfort, speed or the custom of our efforts on the Internet, are some of the reasons that are promoting the rise of online restaurant reservations which increased by 120% compared to those performed by the same route in 2012.

Another advantage that users on the network is able to consult opinions of other users who have already gone to the restaurant, which they find very useful when choosing. In addition, thanks to online reservations, in many cases, they can benefit from promotions, which they could not enjoy making the reservation by the traditional route.

However, the restaurant sector still maintains a traditional point of view, since 62% of restaurants prefer to receive reservations by telephone, while 30% prefer online. For about 40% of these establishments, receiving the reservations by phone call is less effort. A situation that is changing, it is only necessary to see that 29% of the restaurants already see in the websites of reserves the simplest and most efficient way to save time.

Undoubtedly, the online channel is on the rise, not only for purchases, inquiries, paperwork but also to reserve a table in a restaurant. In fact the degree of satisfaction with the services offered by the reservation website is medium-high, something that is expected to increase in the coming years as the online channel will win the game to its predecessor, the telephone.

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