Users to websites that use online discount vouchers spend 13% more and expect to spend 16% more on average than the regular buyer, according to the Forrester Research study “The impact of discount vouchers and promotions on line. “According to the study, visitors to websites where discount vouchers are used spent $ 1,576 in the last 12 months, compared to $ 1,397 spent by all online shoppers.

In addition, these users expect to spend an average of $ 1,651 in the next 12 months, compared to $ 1,428 for the average online buyer. Visitors to sites with discount vouchers also buy 18% more through the web. On average, buyers who do not use these services made 11 purchases online in the last six months, compared to visitors to websites with discount coupons, which made 13 purchases in the last six months.

Discount vouchers win users

Visitors to websites with discount coupons are more likely than the average online consumer to be persuaded by the products that offer discounts and promotions. In fact, 88% of visitors to websites with discounts – compared to 78% of total visitors – point out that these promotions make them opt for a product on offer when they are undecided.

They are more receptive to the Brand

Active users in the use of online discount vouchers are almost 1.5 times more receptive when it comes to testing new brands or changing brands – 74% to 54% and 61% to 43%, respectively. This implies that the more buyers use the coupons, the more open they are to try other brands.

Also, within the total US population who buys online, 80% of respondents indicated that a company that offers discount coupons online improves its brand image. In addition, 88% of respondents said they had “positive feelings” towards a brand that offers discount coupons.

Although this research reinforces the argument that online coupons and promotional codes generally help, rather than harm, a company’s brand image, Forrester cautions that the research also shows that the over-issuance of coupons and / or Promotions can have the effect of tarnishing the brand image.

The use of online coupons grows

The use of online coupons by US consumers is increasing, according to the results of other surveys, which indicate that 66% of consumers will use discount vouchers for at least 25% of their purchases in the next 12 months. This figure represents an increase of 20% over the 55% of consumers who used discount vouchers for at least 25% of their purchases during the last 12 months. This represents an increase of 19% in consumers who will use online coupons for 25-50% of their purchases in the next 12 months (26% to 31%) and an increase of 21% of consumers who go to use online coupons for 50% or more of their purchases in the next 12 months (29% to 35%).

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