We have to take care clearly, that a company does not make sense if it does not produce what people want, instead of trying to convince it to buy what it turns out that the company produces.

Seated the bases of what has to be our object of study, known and studied the channel, then we can pose objectives. And what should be our goals? First of all forget to sell. Only then will we really get the way to reach our audience, our potential client.

Resurrect your e-commerce - Forget SellingThe reality is that Spain is still crouched in an e-commerce with numbers that are generally much lower than those of other countries, where electronic commerce is much more advanced, and has much higher conversion rates than those of Spanish shops.

We can always refer to external factors:

Increased supply against a recession in demand, either because of a problem of acculturation or because of a problem of economic crisis.

Fundamentally, and one of the main problems accused by our e-commerce, is the lack of empathy with our client. Never before, we have had so much information on it, and yet we still do not make good use of it.

Most e-commerce centers their strategies on making use of keywords of their products, accompanied, by terms like selling, buying, or simply X cheap. The content accompanying the platform in question does not escape this strategy too often.

But this means staying at the tip of the iceberg of our niche market. We must see why our product is sought, under what conditions and above all, under what needs, only then can we grow.

It is more persuasive for an online parapharmacy, to get traffic generated through search such as: psoriasis treatment, skin irritation problem, than through the name of a product in question. Our content acts, as a response to a need, as presentation of knowledge of the product, which finally, is transmitted in confidence doses. Not forgetting, that said content, is presented as susceptible to virality.

To understand in the first instance, that we must cover the need of our consumer, to achieve ours, is to understand the zeitgeist of our time.

By ZsuNC

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