The world of Marketing and Communication has evolved in a very short time thanks to the Internet and Social Networks. The profession of Community Manager is relatively new and there are still no universal rules or guidelines to perform a perfect job. In my opinion, the best way to learn and improve is through experience and based on “trial-error” but even so I have been able to write 10 basic tips that must be taken into account when performing the work of a good Community Manager:

1. You will love social networks and marketing above all things

A good Community Manager is passionate about the Internet and New Technologies. It is always connected to your Android phone (or your Iphone) to review your Marketing and Communication RSS selection or your TimeLine on Twitter daily. Do not lose detail of the latest social networks that are fashionable (Pinterest, The Fancy, Pose …). And his life without new projects does not make sense.

2. You will not take criticism as something personal

Patience, patience and more patience. We know that users on the Internet are very direct and sincere and, sometimes, they have a lot of bad blood but, a good Community Manager must know how to maintain composure and be objective. If you want to work as CM, learn to count to 10 … or up to 100

3. You will praise the influencers and opinion leaders of your community

In this life you have to be grateful and, therefore, do not lose sight of all the users who speak well of your brand, who actively participate in your communities and who are always aware of your posts. Make a promotion to reward the best fan but, do not forget the other “fans” because they are also very valuable.

4. Honor your company on the Internet and Social Networks

You have to be an “evangelizer” of your company, that is, preach by example. If you are not able to trust your company, you will not be able to transmit confidence to your customers or potential customers.

5. You will not carry out actions without planning and analyzing Measure, measure and measure!

What is the use of creating a campaign on Facebook or a contest on a Blog if afterwards you do not know if you have achieved the proposed objectives? As in Traditional Marketing, Social Networks and the Internet, you also have to plan, monitor, measure and verify that all actions have helped you achieve your goals.

6. You will not enter into controversies or discussions

A good advice is not to enter into controversies or discussions and always try to clarify the problems in a friendly and educated way.

7. You will not rob the competition. Share the content by quoting the source!

Creating a post on a Blog, a tweet or a publication on Facebook requires time and dedication. Nobody likes to take their work, so if you share content from other users, always quote them.

8. You will not lie or hide information from your users

Sincerity always ahead. If you do not know something, ask before answering and try not to hide information because it can generate a lot of mistrust and you can lose customers.

9. Do not consent or feed the comments of the trolls

We know that trolls exist on the Internet and we also know that an “anonymous” user has no qualms about making very damaging comments … so, what do we do to manage an online reputation crisis?

Although many people are against deleting comments, if there is a rude, insulting or derogatory comment I recommend deleting it and informing users about the “rules of conduct” of our community (which we will have drafted at the start of the implementation of our accounts in social networks) making it clear that we are always willing to dialogue and communication within standards.

10. You will not covet other people’s strategies. Be creative!

Do not copy, you have to do “Benchmarking”: Take “comparators” or benchmarks to those products, services and work processes that belong to organizations that demonstrate the best practices in the area of ​​interest, with the purpose of transferring the knowledge of the best practices and their application. (Via Wikipedia)

By ZsuNC

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