Because consumers spend more time online every day, the Internet is becoming an essential point of contact for brands to communicate with them. Managing a brand’s online presence can seem like a huge challenge, but there are ways to respond to these challenges and make positive aspects of a social media marketing strategy.

There are three major challenges for an online brand, but also solutions:


Marketing messages bombard consumers on a daily basis and one of the biggest challenges for a brand is getting noticed about the rest. If we are a renowned brand, it is much simpler because there is already brand awareness, but for those who are just starting or are exclusively from the virtual environment, the challenge is much greater.

For our website to be taken into account by consumers, it is best to participate with them online. Another option is to apply SEO and in fact, it is highly recommended as it is a key element in the management of online brands.

The lack of control

One of the important challenges of all companies, recognized or not, is the lack of control over the content. The number of platforms to review what is being said about us is growing, and what people write is beyond our control.

It is very important to have an online brand management strategy to include the monitoring of the sites and make revisions to try to serve consumers who have made negative comments and in that case, know why it was so. If possible, we must correct that situation. It is also important to thank the positive comments and we can even offer them something, such as a discount coupon.

The forums are also very important platforms because it allows consumers to create communities where they can express their feeling towards a brand. From an online brand management perspective, these can be approached as if they were review sites and as representatives of a company we could become members of some of them and use them in the same way as what was expressed in the previous paragraph, follow up on the comments they make about us.

Blogs must also be followed and reviewed, more than many bloggers have in fact influence and everything they write will be taken into account by others. If they have commented negatively, we can contact them directly and talk about why they have that perception, and if they are able to, we solve the problem directly, although always responding to their complaints.

While that does not solve all the problems, it can improve the perception we have of our brand, something fundamental to our reputation online.

Trust and consumer loyalty.

Gaining consumers’ trust is vital to any online brand strategy. Without it, the consumer will not listen to our messages and will be much less likely to buy us. In order to obtain results, we must observe and analyze Google Analytics, as it will allow us to see which is the best way to go.

Once we gain confidence, we must create a feeling of loyalty to stay with us. Promotions, discounts, coupons, raffles and others, can help us with this, as well as providing, for example, our next catalog to our clients, before publishing it, something that will make them feel that they are really taken into account by us.

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