Like that call us shopping at odd times is annoying, the same can happen with our campaign messages: that is neither the time nor the right message to start a conversation. In digital advertising, it was to kill birds with cannon fire long gone to make way for a next-generation technology that allows each consumer to deliver significant messages ago.

We talk about the dynamic creative optimization, a powerful mechanism that enables marketers to identify users’ information and deliver meaningful and personalized messages to each consumer. If you could summarize in one sentence, this would be: the right message at the right time and the user that interests you.

Transforming messages online campaigns in relevant nicheThis technology allows us to generate online ads on the fly, at any stage of the campaign: starting with a first campaign planning, then add location or relevance of hearing, or during the development of it, to inject some freshness to a piece that may be outdated. Virtually it allows any part of an ad can change both your message, product features and benefits, pricing, graphs or other visual elements. By automating many of the manual tasks requiring the production of each campaign, we reduce costs and production times and media management.

Creative optimization uses advanced algorithms to acquire knowledge of user behavior over time. It helps creativity and discover what works best with a particular audience and automatically modify the variants that are best suited for each case. If preferences change, the algorithm also because it is a living being, which only expects to receive orders to improve each season.

An example: a famous international car manufacturer used the dynamic creative optimization campaign in Germany, to demonstrate to each consumer the fuel tank capacity of its latest model. Thanks to the OCD, the ad showed a car route adjusted to the specific location of each user. Thus, users Hamburg area were shown a trip to Munich, while the Berlin they were plotting a route to Dusseldorf. With this small change in the information, the dynamic creative optimization made this campaign a success, plus innovative.

But one need not be an automaker to benefit the process. From retail to entertainment, there are many sectors in which successful implementation optimization.

In addition, we found a variety of campaign types which can be changed dynamically flexibly anywhere in the ad. Some examples are:

  • Geotargeting campaigns with localized information, such as local promotions, products that reflect specific tastes of an area, local shop windows, etc.
  • Product based campaigns aimed at users who have visited pages of the catalog or the product and have shown an intent to purchase, providing the opportunity to reimpactarles and redirect users to products they already know. Abandoned shopping carts, suggestive sales, cross sales and sales at a lower price, are variants of this strategy.
  • Optimization, it can work in campaigns with or without target where messages advertising pieces, go nurturing of user interactions in pursuit of better results
  • Demographic survey , which adjusts the announcement, offer or message to a specific demographic group within an audience.
  • Behavioral survey , which is aimed at audiences interested in certain categories of products, aligning the message, product and / or offers to your preferences.
  • Sequential narrative identifying the moment is the conversation with the user, to hit him with the following message in the sequence of speech.
  • Contextual survey , which takes data provided by carriers, and / or DSPs in order to adapt the content of the message, the content of the pages.
  • User tracking campaigns creating variations of message tailored to each step of the buying process, from product discovery to purchase.

We can truly say and we are seeing the dynamic creative optimization is not only here to stay, but to revolutionize the way we do online campaigns.

By ZsuNC

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