Mobile optimization is not a buzzword, but a necessity for all companies who want to have effective presence on the internet. Especially in the case of retailers. Not surprisingly, traffic from mobile devices and represents 40% of the volume registered in the e-commerce visits.

In the era of technology, users demand a user experience in optimal conditions, integrated across all channels. The Digital Shopper Relevancy, Capgemini showed that 56% of consumers planned to spend more on those stores whose information is accessible via online.En United States, 54% of adults already have a smartphone, a percentage that rises to 66%. An activity that combined with the use of other devices, PC com. 77% of mobile search happens in front of a computer. 98% of users move between multiple screens throughout the day, both in isolation and in combination.Hence the need for this new behavior is taken into account when designing the strategy of online sales.

Users demand more optimized websites for mobile devicesA bad experience mcommerce harms the image of the brand. 57% of users would not recommend a company that does not have an optimized mobile web. 88% admit that produces negative feelings, such as anger, frustration and distrust it (SOASTA).

Usability is a key factor. 40% leave the site of a company that does not allow you to easily find what you want, or is not optimized for your device. In addition, its consequences are not only specific, 46% of mobile shoppers will not return to a website that was not working properly on mobile. A situation that benefits competition. 34% of customers choose to continue your search on the website of other brands.

On the other hand, mobile optimization promotes sales and customer loyalty. 67% of customers prefer to buy an optimized mobile web, while 74% of these consumers indicates that it is more likely to return to a website that has had a positive mobile experience.

In order to improve the user experience across multiple screens, we can help cookies in order to keep an open session through different devices, and can remember so essential data and products in which he was interested and, of course, your shopping cart. Thus the user can continue the process, regardless of location and device where you left off. Another very important in order to offer a personalized mobile experience point is to use the information regarding your location to show offers appropriate to their interests. More than half the customers would buy more in physical stores if you received a coupon with a geographic location offer (RetailMeNot). Also, the social login tasks can facilitate registration and access to the purchase phase, as well as allowing a more direct and effective customer contact.

Mobile devices are ideal channels to reach the female audience. 70% of mothers used mobile devices to make purchase of his family (BabyBump). This is a trend that has been increasing. 93% of these women bought much more with your smartphone or tablet in 2011 (Tech Journal). More than half of mothers with mobile purchase a daily or a weekly basis (Media Post). Therefore, retailers need to enable them to make purchases, counting on a site optimized for it.

Customers are already mobile, and expect brands also are. Condition sine qua non to develop their business in the online environment. All this is to work mobile optimization and offer a personalized experience across all channels.

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