On many occasions I have addressed issues related to attracting traffic to your website but sometimes when we do not get the expected level of sales, the mistake of thinking that these techniques do not work when it can be is that the page will not become committed correctly. Simplifying, you have identified your potential customers but when they pass through your website not just buying. A general level 3 things can happen:

– Problems of design and structure general of the page

– Problems with web usability of the page: “Working Web usability to get more customers”

– Misuse of colors

Using colors to get more conversions on your websiteIn this post I am going to focus on this 3rd point. To start you can visualize what are the most used in some thematic colors are…

Colors and 3 levels of design

One issue to consider is that the colors used have an impact on the so – called “3 levels of design” made by Don Norman:

1- Visceral Design: refers to the first initial impact, the appearance of the page web. Some emotions that makes us at first sight.

2- Behavioral Design: These are the emotions felt when we surf and use the products of a certain web page.

3- Thoughtful Design: Here we refer to the thoughts the user has subsequently interaction with a web environment.

Therefore, the colors used are very important in all phases of the buying experience of the user with the website in question.

Data and actions to consider to use the colors in your web

To start using the colors properly or just do a redesign of a web environment we can have the following points:

1- The “palette” and combination of colors is very important:

– You can use the tool if you do not have much experience in this area. Here I leave the following tutorial:

– At the corporate level color palette can be one of the flagship brand elements. No waste the following article, some famous companies use colors and reason why they do well

2- How many colors you use?: Leaving a little “white side” is not advisable to use more than 3-4 different colors and go in line with each other.

3- Do not use a special color for the logo only intended to differentiate: Sometimes want to highlight the logo is done I’m just being a “glob” on the website.

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