It may be that many Chinese might sound concept, but some of you it is likely that you have participated in any of these campaigns, as this concept is going to sound a lot and very strong in the world of online marketing.

Transmedia storytelling becomes a storytelling strategy (creating stories) about a company or brand that the variety of channels is used to explain the story as shreds and distributed by various channels. It has the following features:

  • Each piece of history is understood by itself but includes some mystery for the user to continue to investigate
  • To complete the story the user must participate or interact in any channel as a prerequisite

What is transmedia narrative How to use it to attract customersHow to use the transmedia storytelling to attract customers

Digital agencies for some time have felt the need to seek new ways to connect with users due to the high saturation of information (infoxication) and the ineffectiveness of some online marketing techniques. With this new version of storytelling, they can offer manufacturers new ways to show the “potential customers” more compact experiences where is optimized much more this multichannel reality there on the internet.

Some of the keys to raise a transmedia story are as follows:

1- Develop a story of interest that is transmedia from the beginning: the creators of this experience should be very clear that channels are to be used, which is the path of the user and the overall “picture” of the ecosystem being created.

2- Caring for the coherence of the story: these stories for a minimum of 3 channels are required to make sense. Given this, the pieces of content on each channel must be original and make sense together because if all goes well, you will go through all and there can be empty or connections that someone cannot understand.

3- Seek participation at all times: all channels have the same missions:

– Attach the user with the story that is being told

– Getting people involved. Therefore, it has to be very clear “call to action’s” (CTAs) for everything flow

4- Properly connect the brand with history: we must not forget that behind this entire ecosystem is a brand hoping to increase their visibility and connect with potential customers. Properly design these binding sites is key to the success of such actions.

5- Optimize and measuring cycles: to make everything work should be reviewed:

– If a channel lacks participation

– If the user goes through all the channels proposed

– Number of positive comments on social networks

– Statistics for the brand or company promoter: number of visits, leads, sales….

Seeing these new trends, it is clear that the future is moving to find solid user experiences that engage from the beginning and know exploit the number of channels that the internet offers. It is a very original way to offer a much more indirect advertising fleeing the classic sprint or promotional email no more. The transmedia narrative is certainly an initiative that brings more value.

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