Only 13% of Millennials believes that brands should focus on proclaiming its benefits and talk about their products and services. In contrast, most expect much more from them in terms of commitment and authenticity.

This is reflected in the global survey published by Initiative, which involved about 10,000 consumers between 25 and 34 years from 19 countries.

In general, these consumers maintain a critical stance towards brands, putting into question its willingness to engage with their environment, beyond the mere fact increase their own profits.

What qualities of the best brands are valued by MillennialsConsequently, the study indicates that Millennials expect a lot more of them. It also sets out what attributes are the most highly valued by them. Reliability, trustworthiness top the list, according to the opinion of 31% of the participants in the survey. Then we found that 29% greatly appreciates creativity, while 23% commitment intelligence. This is a particularly creative generation, able to adapt to changes, which greatly embraces innovation. Qualities they would like to attribute to brands.

I could not miss in this relationship authenticity (22%) and confidence (21%). Consumers need the brand really cares about the environment in which it operates. Not intended to act only for their own benefit, but help improve their area of influence.

Specifically, 59% of respondents believe that brands should take an active part in charitable causes, and harness their power for the common good (58%). In fact, one of the factors that determine the loyalty of these users is that brands are committed to social or ecological (54%) purposes.

These findings reinforce the data provided by Ipsos OTX, which stated that Millennials are more willing to buy organic products, or responsible with the environment than other consumers.

Decidedly, we have a generation of committed, demanding and informed consumers. They have grown up in a time subject to ups and downs from the economically and socially; experiencing since the welfare state, to the difficulties to improve their employment situation. Therefore, they know what they want, know their rights as consumers, and appear intransigent to the pursuit of lucrative brands.

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