Has anyone ever thought how some brands sell an indecent amount of products and others that sell similar products initially fail to put a hundredth part? Some say it is a matter of budget, others that it is a matter of marketing and others that the products concerned are better, period. It is true that these 3 factors greatly influence but one of the really important key is:

“The really successful brands do not sell products, they sell lifestyles. Sell emotions, aspirations, challenges, imagination, moods ..: everything except products actually”

The same is what has made GoPro with their “portable cameras” becoming an indispensable tool for sports enthusiasts and adventure product where their customers are the largest scribers of the brand.

How to build a Lifestyle around a product The case GoProWhat can we learn from marketing strategy to build GoPro “lifestyle”?

Looking at the overwhelming success of their marketing campaigns, it would not hurt us to take note of a few things:

1- Produce “viral” systematically content: Oddly enough, every minute worldwide up a video recorded with a GoPro to YouTube. These cameras are ideal for people to produce their own videos, share and comment constantly on the network. Therefore, looking obsessively how you can generate content that is viral and allows you to reach many people in a genuine way.

2- Connect with the passions of customers: If you are thinking how some brands are as respected as Harley Davidson or Nike gives the conclusion that if your brand is about the passions of people will have a lot of potential for growth.

3- Get adapt the product to different “sub-markets”: At first when he started GoPro, its founder Nick Woodman, he thought he built his first camera for surfers but soon realized he needed to adapt the product to sell it to bikers, skiers … That was how he started making accessories adapted to other sports.

4- Invite to participate to the “influences”: Locate, empathize and curry favor with influential people within a sector is an important task for brands that want their way.

The keys to start building a “lifestyle” with your product in 4 steps

Create a lifestyle for a product and build a strong brand is not achieved in the overnight but if you can have clear some concepts to a good start the process:

1- Focus on a category: Some brands when they start work in an assortment of products at an early stage when it is good to concentrate energies to bring to market a product that is really good and can become the flagship brand.

2- Create content that bring the brand closer to customers: The main purpose of this content is to move users into customers, customers to fans and fans to scribers. A brand that manages to create your own “tribe” of scribers is much more powerful than that of competitors.

3- Define your brand with a slogan-powerful slogan: sounds complicated but you have to find a phrase that inspires the values you want to convey and define your brand well. Famous examples can be GoPro: “Be a Hero” or Red Bull with “Give you wings”

4- Create your own style: This stage is where you’ll end up developing the brand identity that effectively supports the product. In this direction it should be noted:

  • End of defining the “avatar” ideal client (geographic area, hobbies, concerns, purchasing power …)
  • Develop parallel categories accompanying the main product
  • Propose a guide of actions, hobbies and beliefs related to the brand and your potential customers

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