Internet is the place to find information about products, compare prices and even find interesting offers place. However, when the successful completion of the purchase process, the experience is not yet fully satisfactory for a good part of customers.

According to the study published by Rackspace, 45% of consumers prefer to go out to buy, due to the bad experience that is buying them online.

These clients complain especially intrusive ads, popups lead. Impacts resulting them entirely irrelevant and annoying. Also, the next complaint is that they need to invest too much time to find what they want to buy; therefore they prefer to opt for the traditional channels, and out of shops.

45% of consumers prefer to go shopping after a bad experience onlineTime is money for online shoppers

According to the survey, conducted in the UK, 34% of buyers do not want to spend more than 10 minutes online search process and purchase; patience while another 26% goes up to 15 minutes.

What more frustration because these consumers is the fact that online stores do not facilitate the shopping experience, with elements such as good categorization of products (26%), an adequate system of searches (25%), or wide range of products and purchase options (20%).

In addition to improving the search process within the online store itself, retailers could improve the shopping experience by offering personalized suggestions. 38% of customers choose to go shopping, in order to look for ideas on what to buy; while Internet only acts as a source of inspiration to 1 out of 1 (21%).

Also, another important deficiency enters customization (13%), both browsing experience, as communications sent to customers, such as e-mail marketing. 37% of customers considered irrelevant messages you receive.

These findings complement the results offered by Formisimo, who indicates that retailers risk losing 8 out of 10 online sales this Christmas. Among the main reasons that lead customers to leave halfway purchase online highlights concerns about the privacy of information is a determining factor for customers to complete the purchase process factor.

Therefore, no one denies the potential of electronic commerce, but not at the expense of the customer experience. Consumers are not willing to accept the shortcomings in the process of search and online purchase; where upon, they will choose to follow the channels they already know, and take to the streets to do their shopping.

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