The time has come to think in terms of business as far as social media is concerned. It’s time to create value with your customers, not for them.

This is the idea used by Javier Godoy, partner-director of the Mind Your Social Media consultancy, to define the so-called Social Media of 3rd Generation: “a third generation of companies formed by those of first and second generation, who are learning from their Mistakes of the past and are taking advantage of their experience to improve and adapt. “

80% of companies in Social Networks do not measure their sales as an indicator of successThroughout the 48 pages of the Guide, Javier reviews with concrete data the situation of Social Media in Spain and gives details of why “until now has not gone from being an experiment; Although all this will change. ”

For example, 47% of Spanish companies do not have a presence in Social Networks because they do not know how to take advantage of them in a strategic way; Or is surprised that 43% of those who are in social media do not have a strategy aligned with their business or marketing plans.

To help companies to evolve in the use of these channels, the maturation model proposed by Javier in the Guide involves the passage through five different stages:

  • Listen : identify conversations that users already have about the brand or category, at least before planning a strategy, although it is recommended to do so on an ongoing basis.
  • Participate : is what most companies are currently doing and involves building a presence in different networks. At this point, the model seeks to find formulas in which, collaborating with customers in these networks, generate a mutual value for the brand and the user. Reduction of costs and loyalty are cited as sources of value other than the sales to be taken into account.
  • Climbing : it means putting the necessary resources so that the volume of customers (current and potential) that seeks to collaborate has an impact on the business.
  • Integrate when the different points of contact between company and client are coordinated and it is not easy to distinguish when we are in a social network and when on the company website since both environments are just as interactive.
  • Transform developing new business models or changing models on the fly to take full advantage of the conversation with the customer.

Social Media Guide 3rd Generation: the end of the experiment, the beginning of profitability is the title of this first guide in Castilian that provides business solutions to the presence of companies in Social Networks, sponsored by ABC, Infoempleo and Lafer Foundation .

In addition to reviewing the evolution of the sector in recent years, the document proposes future solutions to key questions such as: Can social media help my competitiveness? How do they influence the efficiency of my company? O How can I find new forms of value for my clients?

The guide includes prologues from René Dechamps, CEO of Mind Your Group, and Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, two of the top international benchmarks in online marketing. It can be downloaded totally free .

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