If you have started a business, and are in the process of expanding, then the next step is to take on staff and to find a business premises as an office. When you are doing this for the first time, it is a good idea to have a checklist of the things that you will need so that when the day comes to start work in your new office, you and your employees can just go in and get on.

Here are some of the basics that you will need when you open up your new office…

Computers – A modern day essential, the majority of office work is done on a computer, so make sure that you have enough for everyone. You should also ensure that your computers are able to do the job that they are needed for, so it is important that when you are buying new computers that you check the specifications and ensure that they are going to be suitable for what they are used for.

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Desks and Chairs – As well as computers you will of course need desks and chairs. Make sure that you have enough for the number of staff that you have working in the office, and that you choose desks that fit into the room that they are going to be in.

Chairs need to be comfortable for people to sit in, so get good quality chairs from a specialist supplier like this office chairs Gloucester based company severnfurnishing.co.uk/ and choose seats that have lumbar support.

Kitchen Supplies – To keep everyone in the office fed and hydrated, you are likely to need some kitchen supplies! Even if your office doesn’t have an actual kitchen, you can create a kitchen area that people can use to make drinks and prepare food. Have a kettle, some cutlery and a microwave that people can use throughout the day.

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Stationery – Although going paperless is something that means there is a less demand for stationery, you will still need paper and pens as well as other stationery items like envelopes. Being able to record messages, write things down and send post out are all things that you will need to do, so think about the things that you will need and order it in before you open up.

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