The retail industry is a refuge. It is the first option contemplated when someone wants to take out of necessity. Such haste leads to mistakes manual, which prevent a store never be sustainable and viable.

Although it may seem obvious, the location of a shop has a lot to do with the future business success. In many cases, the choice of venue is subject to a higher or lower price in renting rather it is located in a strategic place, near where the target audience you are going to run the business is located and that wrong decision will perhaps cheaper (or not) rent, but also a lack of target audience. In short, we get more customers and better quality will depend, in large part, on our premises are strategically located. And, where’s that? There, where the customers to whom we sell them our products are.

Major mistakes people make when mounting trade

In such a fragmented and competitive as this sector, you cannot open a shop hoping that everyone who passes, buy. In retail, there are two ways to generate traffic: one, calling attention to people passing in front of the store to come in and, another, making customers come not proximity.

“If you’re well located, says Steven an expert in trading – is cheaper in the short term to draw attention to that entire pass in front to enter. And not enough to present the products; you have to seduce and draw attention to potential customers, which is achieved mainly with a good showcase, with street marketing and a good front.”

What do we call the attention of not passing in front of the store? “It is now easier to use the tools of the digital environment so that if people do not go into your store that the store may go to you, for example, those traveling or ephemeral (pop up store) or strategies to carry and display products in shopping centers, offices, etc. The retail has become liquid and for marketing must be taken into account,” says this expert.

That is not me, is it?

Nor can manage a store with paper and pen. And there are traders who do. “Manage the procurement is vital: do you buy and what control you have of what you buy. Not having a management software product is to know nothing of what is going on in your store and warehouse. You need to have coded products entering to have a minimum stock control. And the product is not sold and occupied a space. The goods have to rotate every so often and what does not work, you have to pay to input new products. To create must be destroyed. It is unavoidable”.

Reach into the box

Financial planning is a disease that affects the majority of entrepreneurs, but more virulent trade. Many still scoring purchases and sales in a notebook and when they need something specific, they resort to the manager. “There are traders that when they need money to buy, reach into the box. Although not experts, it is important to know at least what earns per month, margins, cash flow, the cost of provisioning and leverage with suppliers,” advises Steven.

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