If we approach the concept “mantra” in its broadest meaning we will be more or less with the following definition:

“Sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation or spell, a spell, or a syllable or portion of a scripture containing mystical powers”

If we limit a little business world and business, which is in question, the concept “mantra” becomes a short and digestible guide to short where the philosophy of the company, for both customers and employees is defined, where the mission and the “why” of all the activity that takes place is exposed.

What is a mantra Why you need to create one for your businessMantra vs. declaration of intent

A mantra, as Guy Kawasaki explains in his book “The Art of the Start”, is a fantastic way to replace the usual declarations of intent businesses. The main problem is that these statements just taking a form of grandiloquent texts that do not interest anyone because the message is being diluted as they move pages.

The mantra becomes a “micro-version” of a statement of intent that a few words you try to express the whole philosophy of the company. Here are some examples:

– COCA-COLA: “Refresh the World”

– APPLE: “Think different”

– SOUTHWEST AIRLINES: “Better to drive”

Why you need to create a mantra for your business?

You may have read this and think, do I need a mantra for my business? And yes you really need. The main reasons are?

1- Because it will be the way of not having to draft a declaration of intent to anyone interested: This reason and what could you imagine if you read the first part of the article.

2 will be the best way you can capture “why your company exists”: Why things matter more than you think. But look at you the first 5 minutes of this video. The “because” it makes a difference too many leading companies in their sectors:

3- Because you need to complement your slogan: A mantra not to be confused with a slogan. A slogan is intended for customers and is an idea about the qualities of a product or service. The mantra is intended for employees of the company, is an idea or guideline on what they actually do in their work. If we take the example of Nike:

– Slogan: “Just do it”

– Mantra: “Authentic athletic performance”

4- Is a motivator and identity component: In any project, you need to involve talented people and should feel identified with the cause of the company. The mantra that helps them and motivates them to keep working at a high level year after year.

In my opinion, all companies, even small ones need a mantra or similar concept to really know what they are investing their time and really have a reason to get up every morning.

Do you think that you need to seek a mantra for your company?

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