E-commerce continues to grow apace. Although it still has a long road ahead until reaching the physical stores in terms of sales volume.

The study data indicate that the turnover Ripen ecommerce exceeds 3,200 billion in the US alone. A not inconsiderable figure despite assuming only 8% of the total market.

What leads buyers to opt for physical stores rather than buying online? According to the survey published by Ripen, the reasons which lead mainly consumers to shop around are…

Why 92% of purchases still occurs offlineThe need to have the product in their hands before purchasing (30.8%). The customer experience with the product leads to reinforce its intention to purchase. It is true that no image, for high quality in the details shown, you can replace the feel of the product. Hence the need for retailers to offer all kinds of advantages to their online customers, such as the ability to test the product without commitment, or facilities in return. In addition, branded videos have proven effective as reinforcement to the product listings from online stores.

Customers want to get their hands immediately purchased product (29.9%). The delivery is the workhorse of ecommerce. Instead, the delivery is a big advantage that every day customers value most. Therefore, retailers must have an impeccable messaging service that provides customers the peace of mind knowing where your order and, of course, strictly enforce deadlines.

On the other hand, express delivery service is always an option, customers are willing to assume. You can also consider the extent of the resources of each company, to offer a service in the day, for a radius concrete action.

The fact that the customer can not get his precious time purchase can be supplemented with an advantageous price. The economic incentive is always helpful to remove barriers in decision-making.

Customers are wary of their privacy (16.9%). The online security is a growing concern for consumers subject. The era of Big Data, along with the latest news on attacks that compromise the security of several internet giants take users to protect their sensitive data with more zeal than ever. In response, marketers have gained the trust of its customers. This is achieved by offering highly visible privacy policy in a perfectly understandable language. On the other hand, it is appropriate to review all the steps of thebuying process, in order to ensure that work perfectly, and that the information they show is strictly necessary, and transmit confidence at all times.

Shipping costs hold back the 14.4% of online shoppers. For the sum of the disadvantage of buying virtually, and not being able to get the product immediately, the “imposition” of paying an extra cost added to Receive the product. Buy online should not be a punishment, but an advantageous way of purchasing products, conveniently and safely. Therefore, it is common tofind retailers that offer free shipping costs, discount coupons for the second purchase, and even the ability to collect the product in store. All this to facilitate the conversion of online stores, and improve the shopping experience on the Internet.

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