How could it be otherwise, the whole financial sector is undergoing major structural changes due to disruptive thinking of many members of the sector and also wear the banking model that has so influenced the world economic crisis that has suffered and that some countries continue to suffer? This has caused the range of possibilities to finance a business or startup has multiplied.

In my opinion, the latest trends in this area were as follows:

– Access to new banking formulas

– Disturbing crowdfunding

– Elements and typical startup culture options (venture capitals)

15 Creative Ways to finance your business or startup15 creative ways to finance your business or startup

Since I will list a few and the philosophy of going from less to more, I’ll start with the less creative:

1- Traditional banking Formulas: this goes as usual, go to the bank to “prove” luck, for this, unless you have personal assets, try to be accompanied by a solvent profile for managers not see you as a “danger with legs”. In this classic side you can consider the lines of credit and personal loans.

2- “Microfinance” as it says the name, small financial institutions are specialists in small size and quick loans. The advantage is that they are much more permissive and flexible. The downside is that the stakes are extremely high.

3- “Specialized in giving credit to businesses Programs” in each country there are different programs have enabled governments to try to contribute something to the cause.

4- The famous 3 F’s: is a classic projects for very young and yet to be discovered whether they will be viable or not. It comes from the English expression: “Family, friends and fools”: family, friends and fools.

5- Business angels: angels famous. They are private investors (often former entrepreneurs) who decide to invest in a startup in exchange for a% of the company. It is also true that often contribute beyond a point of experience and network to the project in which they participate.

6- Venture capitals or venture capital: capital funds are private investors who typically invest when the project is more consolidated. Yes, its main mission is to get out of the capital and place your part to get economic “revenue”. To show you how they work, this chart defines it well:

7- The new forms of crowdfunding: if before you were usually a few people that you solved a need for funding, can now are many at once. Here we can find two ways:

– Crowdfunding platforms: websites where you can offer the possibility of giving some kind of against provision related to the project.

– Crowdlending: crowdfunding platforms where financial needs of some companies providing guarantees, insurance and what it can to have some individuals that can provide this money are published.

8- Strategic Partners: via highly recommended to technology sectors and complex components in the digital realm. For example, if your main obstacle to start a business is building a powerful web platform, you can contact the technical partner to make “free” in exchange for a% of the company.

9- Bootstrapping: without a doubt, the hardest of all. It is starting a little as, if necessary salts to market with one hand in front and one behind with the first sales going to fund the project.

10- Mortgaging your home: there is little to explain, it is played the house to move forward with your business.

11- With a parallel activity: with all the freelance culture that is becoming more fashionable, you can do is to work part -time in another company or freelance else to go forward with your startup.

12- Squeezing collaborative consumption: with new formulas that you see available thinking of renting the room you have left at home or renting a 3th for hours your car when not in use.

13- Sell your goods on eBay: some pictures, ads and some commercial activity. Nothing else!

14- Winning a contest for startups: now have many contests that you can present to exchange for a handful of dollars. Of course you need a good “pitch” for this.

15- Incubators and accelerators startups: different environments are at an early stage startups that help them grow by offering a physical space, structure and as contacts to get funding. Some are themselves investors themselves.

Can you think of more than one option for financing a business or startup?

By ZsuNC

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