According to the latest ‘Study of Advertising Investment’ developed by Infoadex, the advertising investment in media grew by 3.9 percent to reach 5,849.5 million dollars, representing 45, 4 percent of all the investment in advertising in.

In general, companies invested in advertising a total of 12,883.8 million dollars, which is 1.4 percent more than the previous year 2009, and of which 45.4% was for media and the remaining 54.6 percent for non-conventional advertising media.

As far as the means of communication is concerned, investment grew by 1.1% compared to 2009, while investment in non-conventional media was reduced by 0.6%. In fact, with the exception of newspapers and magazines, whose investment declined year-on-year, the general trend in the rest of the media was the growth of their advertising revenues compared to 2009.

Television continues to be the first medium by volume of business, reaching 42.3% of the total investment in conventional media. During 2010, advertising investment received by this medium grew by 4% to stand at 2,471.9 million dollars compared to 2,377.8 million in the previous year.

In terms of newspapers, they reached an advertising investment volume of 1,124.4 million dollars in 2010, which, despite the decreases in advertising revenues recorded in recent years, places newspapers as the second means of communication with a greater volume of advertising revenue behind television, representing 19.2% of total advertising investment in conventional media. In this sense, despite this second position, the advertising investment of newspapers was reduced by 4.2% below the figure of the previous year, which was 1,174.1 million dollars.

Internet continues to hold the third position it already achieved in 2009 with respect to the volume of investment in all conventional media, with 13.5% of the advertising market share. As a whole, the Internet grew by 20.7% in 2010, reaching a volume of advertising investment of 789.5 million dollars compared to 654.1 million in the previous year.

Meanwhile, the radio achieved advertising revenues of 548.5 million dollars, 2.1 percent more; external, 420.8 million dollars, 4.8 percent more; magazines, 397.8 million, 1 percent less; Sunday, 72.2 million dollars, 4.8 percent more; and cinema, 24.4 million, 58 percent more.

Regarding the forecasts for the future, the vice president of Infoadex Javier Barón has estimated, although the study only refers to 2010, that the evolution of the advertising market during the first months of 2011, this year “will not be much but Not much better than 2010 “in terms of advertising investment, but surely will remain in” the same growth rates. ”

By type of channels, national open television broadcasted a total of 2,128.8 million dollars in 2010, 2.3% more than in 2009. Meanwhile, regional television channels reached an investment of 272.6 million dollars, which represents a growth of 14.7%; and the payment channels, 65 million, 30.1 percent more. Faced with these growths, local television channels recorded a decrease of 39.5% of their advertising revenues to 5.5 million dollars.

During the presentation of the study, the technical director of the work, Pedro Villa, has indicated that the 422 million dollars that TVE entered in advertising in 2009 “have clearly remained” in 2010 in “the big television networks”, so The main television groups have seen their advertising revenues increase.

For its part, the regional channels grew in their investment by 14.7%, going from 237.7 million to 272.6 and the payment channels registered in 2010 an advertising investment of 65 million dollars compared to 50 million dollars. previous year, showing a growth of 30.1 percent.

Regarding non-conventional media, where investment grew the most in 2009, it was in the sponsorship, patronage and CSR acts with an investment of 537.3 million dollars (7.4% more), followed by the acts of sports sponsorship with 465.6 million dollars (6.7%), while where the investment fell the most was in advertising gifts with 125.2 million (28.7% less) and yearbooks, directories and directories with 387.8 million (20.2% less)

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