I think one of the worst things that can happen in life is fanaticism, whatever it may be, political, sporty or even “social”. Fanaticism distances us from reality, makes us see things from only one point of view that probably, not only is that it is “hooded”, but is wrong.

CEOs 3.0 Those Men OrchestraFor some time now I have been listening to a series of “Taliban” proclaiming that the CEO of a company has to be the Visible Head of Social Media, which has to set an example and lead the company in its presence in the Media Social, showing that it is critical for the company, and even being the one who writes in Blogs, put tweets, lead the company in LinkedIn and even encourage Internet users to click on the “I like” Facebook as if it were Manolo the Bombo in a match of the Red.

And of course, one that is Marketing and that from time to time gives you to think, imagine a CEO of a Great Company , at about 7 o’clock in the morning maybe still in pajamas or in his defect in gayumbos thinking:

“Ummmm, hard day today. I have to put 3 tweets, write my blog and respond to a few followers … ah! And if I have time to review the annual accounts, budgets for next year, report the situation of the company with our shareholders and check that the pace of the business is running as planned … ”

(Hey, sounds good, very good … right?)

But of course (for the second time), I am self-reflexive and I think that since they are not all Big Companies, I can imagine the poor CEO CEO of marketing and human resources and the cleanliness of a SME (I no longer tell you an autonomous) in the same situation in the morning and thinking:

“Ufff, this being an entrepreneur is a” social sinvivir.” As we are a company with such a recognized brand within the neighborhood I will go to Facebook to see if any of the friends have clicked on “I like” or I can encourage them to write something; if I tweet something to my 30 followers and I get some retweet, or even if I write or something in the Blog so that apart from my mother and my partner read it somebody else … ah, yes, it’s true. And then, if I have some time, I have to review the games with suppliers and customers, go for a walk to see what they are doing that say they are engaged in the same thing as me but charging much less and see if I can meet with this man who introduced me the other day he told me he could bring me some business ”

(This sounds better … sure …)

And all this, of course (for the third time), without any of them having gone through the head of the current crisis, the constant loss of customers, building a new business to get the head and at least pay all payrolls and keep to the template you have …

(The lame-shot, come on …)

I am sure that anyone who reads it will think, in the Taliban mode, that I am throwing stones at my own roof. That I, one of my businesses that focuses on this, thinks this way, it’s like when the Milli Vanilli did playback and they did not think they were going to catch them … but I think precisely because of that, there is some sanity applied to both “Blame it to the rain “.

Yes, it is good for the CEO of a company to be close, to write a blog from time to time and even have Twitter to share their impressions, but from there to lead the Company’s Social Strategy … will not there be people in the organization that is dedicated to that? And if there is not … is it really a priority for the Directorate General to devote to that instead of other things?

Because “I as a customer”, personally, I would like the CEO of a company that provides me with whatever it is to be more attentive to give me a better service, better conditions of purchase or a product adjusted to my needs; Come on, make me feel with actions and not with words that I am important … and it is then, only then, when I will give him the “I like” by buying him again, I will become an ambassador for his brand and I even tattoo his logo on buttock as if it were the “Bull of the Esteban”.

But above all this, I think that in the times that unfortunately run in this country, the least we can do is to decentralize the shot to the top leaders, whether of the company that they are and of the size that they have. The CEOs are there to direct, manage, search for different businesses and alternatives, guide the company in its present and future path … and if they have time, only if they have time and the rest of the tasks are well done, 2.0, golf or “cante jondo”.

Another thing is to teach them how to look for information and business listening on the net to the market … but of course, that is neither so nice nor so cool for people who then have to give lectures on the divine and the human and that, when ” “In their message, they remain like the Milli Vanilli … with nothing inside …

By ZsuNC

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