Social action allows us to be more visible, the greater our exposure, the more opportunities we will find ourselves on the road and the more confidence will be generated with a growing target. The horizontal growth will be the basis of our influence, with which we will acquire more visibility and we will also be, increasingly, in the spotlight of a collective of increasingly demanding consumers.

However, it is also a reality that social action is not everything related to the interaction between people that should, this not only constitutes one of the main obstacles to growth for brands, but it also shows how much more we still need to do. to transform the way in which we relate, in the central axis of our development.

When we talk about social action, we refer to mentions, messages, I like it, re-tweets, thanks, that we exchange on social platforms but … what would happen if the social ecosystem were really guided by efficient actions, what would happen if the commitment went beyond and our social action expanded beyond the commercial side?

Companies beyond the social, “human traction”

While it is true that one of the main advantages of Twitter is the asymmetry and that to listen and interact with a user is not necessary to follow it, it is also a reality that, from the analysis of what would happen if it were necessary to return a “follow” we extract the keys to maximum efficiency for companies.

Psychology , the effect that produces the return of a “follow” is listening, interest, commitment. Predispose for a relationship based on mutual benefit.

Listen Listening is not answering mentions! Human traction companies are those that know how to capitalize on the benefits of social interaction, the links that are transformed into the union of influences, are born of reciprocal interest, beyond the commercial relationship.

Transforming ourselves into a human traction company requires the acceptance and implementation of 2 fundamental premises

In permanent beta

We must learn from those who know, ask, investigate, study, it is necessary for the team as a whole to be involved and to establish links with their clients, beyond the commercial objectives, beyond a “mention, which generates dynamism in a community managed by a leader and multiple influencers of the brand in which the inertia of the interaction itself contributes to the growth of the brand.

Use of tools

At present, the work teams are made up of crowdsourcing, outsourcing has become the most efficient talent union formula. Likewise, the use of tools optimizes our actions and gives us more efficient processes, thanks to accounting programs or CRM applications, creating a human traction company with a single voice and a single presence.

What do you want for your brand? … beyond the mentions!

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