This phrase of Steve Jobs summarizes the attitude that should have a professional of any field.

In Social Media, especially when it comes to Community Managers, the ability to work in any situation is highly valued, as well as being able to perform different tasks.

One of the obstacles to which these professionals are forced daily is to be under the supervision of different departments, if we belong to a company, and to the changing criteria of the client if we are autonomous, since, in most cases, neither are clear about what they want.

It is obvious that, when we work, we are, we can say, the executing arm of a strategy that other people have developed and proposed, and, of course, our task is to follow the guidelines of the person in charge of supervising us, but, to what extent should we subordinate our criteria to others?

One of the most required aspects in a Community Manager is to make their own decisions and be highly resolution and independent, which clashes diametrically with the idea of ​​being absolutely subject to the opinion and criteria of our supervisors. We must listen and follow the guidelines, of course, but, as the headline of this post says, we should not allow the noise of the opinions of others to silence our inner voice, that is, if we think something is well done, we should to assert our opinion.

We are professionals who are knowledgeable about our audience, and at least we must state our point of view, it is not enough to say yes to everything, even if we think that it is wrong or that some action could not work better than the actions carried out. the moment. It is possible and probable that the person in charge of supervising our work, the strategist, differs from our opinion and is able to give us powerful reasons not to do what we say, but we will be saying that our opinion is there and is worth a lot.

It is not about falling into the error of thinking that we are right, and that the option that should predominate over the others is ours, that would be superb, but to add value to the team of which we are part. In a team all opinions and suggestions do nothing but enrich the action we are developing, and, despite what many people think, we, as professionals, can always provide something of value, and perhaps, any suggestion that can fit well in the project that we have in hand.

Therefore, we must contribute as much as we can, we should think that maybe we can provide a point of view that had not been contemplated before and that may work.

Contribute, contribute and contribute.

By ZsuNC

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