They approve major brands in customer satisfaction. As recorded in its index Foresee customer experience, which analyzes the quality of service provided by the 100 brands Interbrand Top 100, the average obtained by these large firms is between 80 points out of 100.

The quality customer service is one of the main concerns of brands. Foresee the report indicates that 68% of the companies analyzed borders on excellence in service, with a score of over 80 points, with 100 being the maximum.

As expected, Amazon is the brand that leads the ranking, gaining 87 points.For all politics is known customer who practices this ecommerce giant; led by CEO Jeff Bezos, making the dedication to service one of its main competitive advantages. Amazon also notable for being the brand that gets repeat customers make their purchase action (91). Quite difference from one of its main competitors, Walmart (80).

Great brands stand the test of customer satisfactionThey follow with just one point difference Avon and Norsdstrom, while Coach, Heinz, Honda, Mercedes-Benz or Moet & Chandon scored a 85.

Among the companies listed below the average, not even managed to reach the 70 points we find Facebook, 69, who got the worst rating, as the WoM (29), one of the companies that customers They recommend less. In this respect also fails Santander (24), who failed globally more than 65 points.

How affects marks the degree of customer satisfaction?

The Foresee Experience Index reflects the relationship between this higher quality of service and attitude of customers against buying:

83% of consumers are willing to buy more of these valued brands with excellent customer service. Also, this mark will be chosen the next time they need a product of these characteristics (63%).

77% are more likely to recommend the brand, while 76% state that relies more on these brands that demonstrate their concern by customers.

To reach these conclusions, Foresee made a combination on customer perception as to the ability of brands to keep them on your side, increase sales and encourage positive word of mouth. This is a study conducted throughout the year, where 75,000 customers have taken part have compraado in one of the trademarks of the Top 100 of Interbrand.

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