Holiday time is probably the most important one or two weeks of the year. It’s hard to believe but at one point holiday pay was a new and exciting idea to attract potential employees to the business. Now, it is seen as an expectation, although it is not a given. Not being given it when it is in your contract can result in people leaving a role. In some cases this can be used as a reason to make a Constructive Dismissal Claim. It’s a good idea to try if you feel there is any case for the employer to answer.

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Holiday time and pay is calculated by the amount of hours that you work. This is now enshrined in employment law. You are generally entitled to a week’s pay for the time you take. For example, if you work full time then you are paid exactly the same that you would expect to be paid if you worked a normal week. Shift work or part time work can also be calculated. It works out a percentage base from your actual hours.

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This has allowed the employee the chance to be able to take a holiday and not suffer financially for it. On the face of it, employers have a point. Why should they pay you for time when you are not there? However, the counterargument was, which eventually won the day, that employees would not take time off and work would suffer as a result. As more socialist influences came to power the right to paid holidays was achieved.

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