Keeping staff morale high is important for any business as your employees are your most valuable asset. Without them you would not be able to offer the products or services that you do and you wouldn’t be able to expand and grow your business.

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There are  many reasons as to why staff morale might decrease and it is a very personal issue that might see some individuals unhappy whilst others are incredibly happy in their place of work. However, there are some common threads that occur time and again that can have a negative impact on the way your employees feel and these include:


  • Poor salary – when employees feel unpaid and unvalued you can often find that morale will dip very quickly. This isn’t to say that you should overpay your staff, but it is important to be aware of what the wages are in business with comparable jobs to yours. The last thing any business wants is to lose good staff to competitors simply because they are offering more money in the salary.

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  • No job progression – when people feel they have reached their peak there can be some demotivation occurring. This of course is not the case for everyone, but it is important to be aware of those individuals that are keen to progress and to try and put mechanisms in place for this to be happy where possible and where they are right and capable of progressing.


  • Poor work environment – if your work environment is untidy and unclean your staff will become unhappy very quickly as they will feel that they are being unvalued. There a quick an easy way to combat this and that is to hire a Contract Cleaning Tewkesbury company to come in on a regular basis and clean your office space.

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