Have you always dreamed of being independent and have your own salon?

Well let me tell you that this can be a very profitable business. Whether for work, to attend an important event, or simply personal care, ladies invest large amounts of money in beauty salons to help them stay beautiful and presentable.

For some, the beauty industry continues its relentless growth, so if you have the ability to provide good service catalog of aesthetic fashion, then you have a great opportunity in your hands.

BusinessToday I tell you how to start and take the first steps in assembling this business.

Basic services offered by a beauty salon:

The amount of services you can offer is very wide. Some services require more specialized than others so you must make your own catalog based on the staff that accounts and technical knowledge or invest in their training to expand the offer and thus improve your chances of income.

  • Haircut
  • Modern hairstyles
  • Facials
  • Scrubs
  • Pedicure / Manicure
  • Acrylic nails
  • Applying dyes
  • Placing extensions
  • Depilation

Premise: Location and Decor

Locate your salon in a good place is important for it to succeed. Remember that your main market are usually the ladies so you can consider place you in executive areas where there are many offices to access a large market with good purchasing power and a great need to maintain a good personal image.

For the very reason it is convenient and safe parking place for your future comfort of customers.

You must choose the size in square meters of your shop based on the projection that results in your business plan according to your investment capacity and monthly budget to pay the same income.

On the other hand, remember that your customers will spend one or more hours in your living room so the decor can make a difference. You must focus on something that is very tasteful, neat, cozy and an environment that invites to visit and stay.

Furniture and equipment

What you need are basic workstation consisting of a reclining chair, a lighted mirror and base. Each equipped with all utensils appropriate work for every stylist can comfortably serve customers.

Additionally you should equip your living room:

  • Front desk
  • Waiting chairs
  • Stretchers for removal
  • Dryers
  • Cash register
  • Shelves
  • Exhibitors
  • Plates
  • Computer equipment
  • Phones and
  • Reception system for credit card payments.

Pick your staff appropriately

Especially in this business, hiring specialized personnel is extremely important. Remember that having a cone direct client treatment and final satisfaction depends on the quality of the treatment and the correct application of the treatments required.

In most cases it is important to provide them with ongoing training so that they are up to date with current procedures and fashion, because in this area there is usually very demanding customers. You can rely on the same suppliers for your products to access these trainings or on the Internet where there is ample information.

A tip is that your employees must look good (or extremely good) because they reflect the quality of what you can offer in your living room.

Legalization of your business

One of the most tedious steps of starting a business is the legalization of same. Paperwork, paperwork, licensing, taxation and fulfill long lists of requirements often make tempted to skip some steps. But remember that all this will be able to operate your business in order and avoid future problems.

So, try to inform properly in the various offices of your city to legalize your business properly.

Tips for making your business plan

  • Make an investment budget: Determine the amount of money you will need for the initial investment is very important because it will allow you to measure the size of business you want and you can assemble. Considers different sources of financing to start and considers the recovery of this capital in your monthly expenses.
  • Make a budget of monthly expenses: This is another budget you have to develop and that has to do with the monthly business operation. It is recommended that within this budget contemplate your own salary as such in order to keep your finances healthy and within reason. Remember that profits not arrive until after one or two years of operation of your company.
  • Make sales forecast: Once you are clear what it will cost to operate your salon, then you can determine how much you need to sell each month and which may be the price ranges of your services to get a good profit margin to do your profitable business while maintaining competitiveness. A good market research is essential for decision-making in this regard.

Customer service

Last but not least, remember that today customer service is the difference in competitiveness. If there is one factor that affects the success of your business, this is the quality of care. Empower your staff so that they can develop the basic skills to give your customers an exceptional experience and your business will grow.

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