There are a lot of important things to check in your employment contract. One important thing to check in your contract is the conditions surrounding pay and any fixed contract time periods. It is very important to always make sure that your contract is correct and includes all the terms you have previously agreed upon when accepting a position.

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The other thing to make sure of when it comes to your employment agreement is that you are protected in the event that a breach of contract occurs. This is an important part of the contract as it protects an employee from things like being fired without just cause. Contracts work both ways so be sure you are comfortable with what the company’s expectations are from you, the employee.

Should there ever be an occasion where a breach of contract may have occurred, it is important to seek professional employment advice. For more information on Constructive Dismissal, visit a site like

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One last important thing to check in your employment contract is what kind of benefits you will receive. This is a very big part of a contract for a lot of different reasons. You will need to understand what entitlements you have to things like insurance, medical cover, holidays and pensions, for example. This is important for the employee and also for the employer.

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