In the era of technology, we have seen a proliferation different professional profile, where digital management skills or social networking are essential. Thus, each day is more common to speak of Community Manager, or find job where companies require a Digital Manager.

A must for any company business figure whose axis revolves around online sales is responsible for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). Whose primary function is to improve the site managed, in order to increase the conversion ratio of the page? Whether a landing page or a product page, this professional must be able to retain the site to the target audience, and get to complete the process that led them to him.

Is there any responsible for Conversion Rate Optimization in your companyDescribed so, needless to say how important it is for companies to have a professional of this profile. In fact, in recent years it has proliferated its adoption by businesses. As shown in the report RedEye, currently, 72% of organizations have at least one person who is dedicated especially to improve the conversion rate of your pages.

Instead, the fact of having CRO responsible companies does not guarantee complete control of converting your site. About 40% (38%) of the companies participating in the study considered to have a low or no control over this, though, I must say, this percentage has decreased from the previous year (43%).

Anyway, only 14% of companies said that has full control of the conversion rate of your site. One thing we suggests that progress is still needed and professionalize this sector. In fact, those companies that have been improvements in this regard have observed their impact on sales.

Technological development demands new digital skills

The report LinkedIn recently highlighted, including last year demanded skills, related to online marketing. These findings give samples of the relevance of digital marketing and the high demand for skilled professionals in the sector.

Also, the analysis and evaluation of Big Data contribute to a better use of these technological advances and refocusing innovation. Meanwhile, demand for the various areas related to digital marketing l continue booming, also sponsored by the need to measure and analyze data in order to maximize investment.

Meanwhile, data from the OMI (Online Marketing Institute) indicated that 7 out of 10 marketers think your department could improve on some digital areas. Among them, the analytical capacity occupied a special place, where only 39% of companies thought about.

The new marketing strategies need not only be able to collect and analyze data, but professionals able to obtain useful conclusions and react accordingly. In this sense, the ability to optimize web facing the conversion involves direct return on investment; still a task in order to develop.

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