By 2015 it is estimated that there are 2 billion mobile device users and that e-commerce continues its upward trend and, in the case of m-commerce, it reaches a volume of 119 billion dollars. However, there are still serious shortcomings in mobile sites, companies do not seem to be aware of the consequences of their web is not properly appropriate to mobile devices.

Mobile Ecommerce What do users expect from mobile websites61% of users leave a page if it is not optimized for their smartphone. In this situation, Google has carried out a study to find out the shortcomings that the users themselves detect day by day when navigating with their mobile device; so that companies are clearer about the fundamental aspects that the mobile optimization of their website has to fulfill:

How Users Use Mobile

The first conclusion that emerges from this study is that 96% of users find themselves on a daily basis with websites that are not designed for mobile phones. This is the main brake that customers find when buying; not in vain, two thirds prefer to buy their products online in a site that is adapted to their smartphone. This makes them directly leave the web.

A properly optimized website for mobile devices extends the sales possibilities, 74% of smartphone users were willing to return to a site, as long as it is mobile-friendly.

Users hate to waste time, this happens when the web is not properly optimized for mobile, which produces frustration for half of the visitors and rejection, both the site and the company owning the website, since gives the image that the company does not care about its own business. This can seriously damage the brand image.

Think smartphone. What users want to see on your mobile site.

A third of users prefer to make purchases through these small devices, but web sites should encourage such action. Among the demands that users expect from a web adapted to mobile phones, we can highlight that 78% of users want to find what they are looking for with just one click,as much as two. They recognize that it would greatly help a search bar, quick access and easy to use.

3 out of 4 users expect optimum navigability and usability of the site. The web has to adapt perfectly to the small screen, as well as facilitate movement through it. It should also present a clear and clean appearance, with the main elements clearly highlighted, visible and accessible.

To facilitate the return of users, and encourage the conversion of the purchase, 73% indicate that they would like the website to offer the possibility of saving their data of interest until their return.

Connectivity with the company is a decisive factor; 61% of users want to be able to call the company at a click.Access to the social networks of the brand from its own site, or the ease of sending an email at the moment are also aspects that the company must take care of.

How do you take care of the mobile optimization of your web? Do you consider the needs of your users?

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