The twentieth century was a great age of technological discovery. Some of it was not so great, the hydrogen bomb for example, however for the most part we have been given so many marvels it does quite beggar belief. One of these has to be the Telephone. Whether it was Alexander Graham Bell or not that invented it, the phone is one of the most important and beneficial pieces of tech that there is in our lives.

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To start with, the mobile phone wasnt that mobile at all. It was, at best, portable and came with a battery the size of a suitcase. It fitted in the car, and drained the battery there as well. As the technology improved into the 1980’s the phone began to shrink as the components involved could perform the same functions as before, if not better, but did not require the same degree of space. New ones are coming out all the time and going to a Vodafone near me via King Communications will help you choose.

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In the 90’s the mobile phone took a quantum leap and was able to access the Internet. This brought in the chance of games and increased the access to social networking sites and created new ones specifically that exploited the potential of the phone. The mobile has given us the chance to communicate wherever and whenever, which has doubtlessly saved countless lives and made stronger bonds. However we have become very reliant on them for entertainment and information plus they have greatly aided cyber bullying.

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