The marketing consultancy IZO has just presented the largest study on customer experience conducted to date in the Ibero-American market.

The BCX study is designed by experts and analyzes the customer experience in a comprehensive manner, generating a strategic indicator of the positioning of companies, sectors and countries (BCX Index), as well as evaluating in detail the structural elements of the experience: attributes of the experience, experience with the channels, analysis of the moments of truth and the impact of all of them on the behavior and future decisions of consumers (Customer Value).

The global trends report clearly shows the business possibilities of the Customer Experience, and how this continues to be the pending issue for most Latin American organizations. Some conclusive data indicate that:

  • Only 8% of brands generate a positive experience in their customers.
  • Automotive is the sector with the highest experience index; On the other hand, although we find companies that stand out for good experience, telecommunications and energy receive the most negative valuations.
  • The product is the dimension of the experience best valued by customers, which indicates that companies have traditionally been more focused on the product than on other aspects of the experience.
  • Interactions, which is the least valued aspect in most sectors, have a greater correlation with customer behavior than the brand in all aspects (increase in spending, recommendation and satisfaction), except for the duration of the relationship.
  • The satisfaction of customers who use more than one channel to contact the company is 13% higher than customers who only use one.
  • 35% of customers declare that they would be willing to pay more for the same product in exchange for a better experience.

“The customer experience is defined as the complete value proposition of the company to the customer, which includes the use of the product or service and all interactions before and after the purchase process.”

The study also shows that there is a huge potential for generating revenue in the current customer base, if companies are oriented to understand the needs of their customers and surprise them in each interaction.

By ZsuNC

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