For any brand or business, regardless of its size or market niche, and to successfully immerse itself in the social media ecosystem, it is essential to develop and execute a strategy appropriate to its needs and its size, a strategy in which Define and establish what are the objectives (which must be real and plausible) that are intended to be achieved by implementing different tactics and techniques.

Quality and rapid response, keys for the management of the online reputation of companiesNo brand or company should enter social media without a clear and well-planned strategy, because if it does, it will be doomed to the most resounding of failures and not without risks, which could even be more damaging than short-term benefits.

But as important as establishing the parameters and specifications of the strategy that we are going to implement is to know what reaction it causes in our users, analyze and measure the degree of achievement of those previously marked objectives, see what works and what does not, in order to be able to modify or adjust the different actions carried out or launch new ones in order to optimize our strategy.

The vital importance of monitoring the online reputation of companies and brands

The analysis and permanent active listening are some of the most important aspects on which we should focus our efforts if we intend to extract valuable information for our business and know in depth the external perception about our company, products or services, in how many conversations our company is present. brand, what is the feeling of the users that participate in our actions, as well as detecting possible conflicts that may interfere or directly affect our own online reputation.

Meeting these demands requires time at the same time of tools and resources that make it possible for us to take full advantage of the potential of social media and networks without losing control and offering the ability to detect where intervention is required to offer help, solve a problem problem or offer a quick response.

However, sometimes, the dimensions of this ecosystem make it all a difficult task and a challenge for companies, since it is almost impossible to control everything that people say about our company. Therefore, permanent listening and online reputation monitoring can be crucial to act accordingly. As Daniel Dévai, Director of Social Media at Epsilon Technologies, points out, “what we can control is the quality and timing of our response”.

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