For those who like to venture into related video games business, they know that today’s online games have come to attract a lot of young audience who every day show their skills and face looking to be the best and compete with players around the world.

There are plenty of online games, from those requiring only a browser to those in need of downloading and installation of necessary software to run the game.

BusinessOf all the games some of the most prominent are WOW, League of Legends and now famous Dota 2. Within game ratings have those that require a monthly fee to play and those who are free but where have the ability to purchase virtual goods to customize your characters or have more advantages in the game.

To purchase virtual goods is necessary to have a Paypal account or a credit card or international debit cards, which can be VISA or Mastercard, recharging our accounts in the game with real money can buy those virtual goods we want.

Business Opportunity

While many of the players are older and have credit or debit cards, a large number of people without access to them; this is where the opportunity presents business. If we have the facility to purchase a debit card or Paypal opening an account we can begin already with this new business.

Let’s take as an example the game Free To Play Dota 2, this game is an updated version of the classic DOTA although this time is being supported by the video game company Valve. To play Dota 2 need not pay a dime but if the software company called Steam to be installed.

As mentioned Dota 2 is completely free to play with people from all over the world but we have the ability to customize our characters in the game to buy new clothes and adding features to make it look better. To acquire these clothes and accessories are needed credit in our Steam account and to recharge credit in our Steam account is required to have a credit card or a Paypal account.

When we have our debit card affiliated we can buy any virtual good in Dota 2 and in any of the games provided by Valve in its Steam platform, these goods are interchangeable, meaning you can transfer them to any player for free just being connected in the game.

How does the business work?

We will develop the business idea with an example, in Peru there are many players Dota 2 who do not have means to associate a card or Paypal account and purchase virtual goods, but if you have cash, we Company Real Virtual if we have this facility and we can buy any virtual good Dota 2.

We contacted anyone interested who want to purchase a virtual well and proceed to buy the virtual rather than want our client purchased after waited for the place your cash deposit and proceed to exchange the good wishes through our accounts. The price at which we sell the virtual well not be the same as in the official store but will have an additional charge to represent our gain.

This type of “virtual goods resale” is not only applicable to this game but many others are known Zynga games on Facebook that can acquire coins to expand the facilities; also games like Travian browser where to insert coins to can grow much faster, etc.

You only need to start looking for a niche in which to initiate us and try to make us a place among the competition. Is there competition?, because as in any business there is mostly independent people who apply the same techniques that we are talking about.

Recommendations for implementation

While we have a chance because of the ease of purchase that we should not exaggerate in the prices offered to our customers, it is shown that a customer purchasing virtual goods back to make a purchase regularly and we will ensure more regular customers and fixed income.

A good marketing campaign and dissemination will help us expand our customer network, we can use the virality of Facebook to promote us and it is our main customer service channel.

Let us be very careful when choosing our pay channels, there are many unscrupulous people waiting to exploit any opportunity employers. Take the necessary measures and avoid future problems.

By ZsuNC

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