New technologies, increasingly competitive markets and the growing needs of advertisers have been just some of the reasons that have led SOGECABLE MEDIA to further enhance and specialize the Marketing and Commercial Management department led by Rafael Llopis.


The Strategic Marketing and Research and Development teams continue to remain intact, while the third existing to date – Innovation and creativity – has undergone important changes. Thus, Lara Álvarez Bueno, until now director of the latter, has gone on to hold the same position at the head of Innovation and creative development, the new branch of the department specializing in large commercial presentations -such as the famous DVD plot for FOUR-, the creation of advertising products integrated into the contents of the chain, the organization of forums where producers and creatives have a meeting point, the search for new commercial opportunities both inside and outside the television medium itself, the experimentation with the new ones interactive technologies on television,

The area directed by Lara Álvarez and that from now on will be called Innovation and creative development will have José Ramón Fernández Gutiérrez de Quevedo and Marta Pérez de Torres as executives. While the first one was already working with Álvarez, the second one joined the Marketing department from the sales team of the DIGITAL + MAGAZINE.

With these changes, SOGECABLE MEDIA introduces an innovative figure unprecedented until now in the advertising market.

For his part, Diego Sánchez Cortina has been promoted to director of Operational Marketing. Sánchez, a graduate in Sociology and Audiovisual Communication, joined the Marketing Department of SOGECABLE MEDIA in November 2006. The area he now directs will be responsible for the integral support to the sales teams of open television, the creation and defense of argumentatives. , the ad-hoc service to the advertiser, the detection and exploitation of opportunities in the market and the implementation of macro-commercial strategies adapted to the conjuncture of the television market and to the conditions of FOUR and CNN +. Carmen Ganchegui and Elena García Martínez -as executives- complete this area.

Thus, the Marketing department led by Álvaro Yusti will now have four branches instead of three: Strategic Marketing (led by Óscar Flor), Research and Development (Orlando Gutiérrez), Operational Marketing (Diego Sánchez) and Innovation and creative development (Lara Álvarez).

The other major branch of the department, the Commercial Management area led by Sonia Antón, has also undergone some changes in recent dates. Thus, Paco Sánchez Marcos, who joined SOGECABLE MEDIA in October 2005, now reinforces the DIGITAL + planning team and the DIGITAL REVIEW +

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