The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy that does not pollute and is free 365 days a year. These features make it into the category of large businesses of the future of this can be considered the generation of solar energy as a profitable business.

The reasons are more than obvious and we all know that the need for clean and renewable sources of energy is growing and who seriously want to break into a lucrative business whose demand is sure to increase exponentially in the coming years should consider mounting a company of residential solar energy.

BusinessAdvantages of Solar Energy Business

Fundamentally we talked to provide solar energy solutions which allow customers to drastically reduce their bills conventional electricity consumption through the installation and maintenance of solar panels in a fully functional and secure environment.

This type of solution has many advantages, among which we can mention:

  • Solar energy does not pollute the environment
  • The high costs of generation and distribution of traditional systems are suppressed
  • It is completely renewable

Business mounting

The first step is to choose what are the options that can be considered in terms of investment and availability in our area to enter the market and specialize in the subject:

Independent photovoltaic systems. Also called autonomous, they generate electricity through solar panels. Ideal for home or business especially in rural areas where there is no infrastructure to conventional energy supplies.

Photovoltaic Network System: They generate either a part or the entire electric power consumption with the difference that remain connected to the conventional power grid. They are very convenient because if the power generation capacity of the panels decreases or is irregular by atmospheric conditions then complements conventional network ensuring the constant flow of energy required.

It is recommended when choosing a brand of panels properly trained to perform the same installations as well as modifications to the electrical system of the residence or business where you want to install.

Major Products and you can sell this business

  • Installation of solar panels energy
  • Heating systems based on solar cells
  • Water heaters
  • Technical assistance

Sales Plan

It is recommended as a first step to focus your marketing resources and sales to the residential sector and as the growth of your company permits, offer corporate and industrial solutions.

You must have a team of trained counselors in the subject who can provide tailored solutions for every need and every business to close deals. Such products are sold very well through demonstrations that can be performed at fairs or through stores that allow you to place a system for appreciation by customers.

You must have a well positioned website where you can provide product information and to promote social networks.


The evolution of the solar cell technology and the appeal of this type of business is such that corporate giants such as Google or Warren Buffet are betting and are already making inroads in business scale.

Of course they will stay with the best part of the cake but also means that small and medium entrepreneurs can share a good slice becoming distributors of this important technological solution.

To start your business is appropriate to make some initial contacts, trading with suppliers, research on state requirements for integrating the service, prepare a detailed plan for business investors and even a good idea to use your home as a prototype for know the systems and demonstrate in a real scenario.

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