One of the most important functions of the Social Media Manager is to act as Head of the fire department, formed by the Community Manager and team. When suddenly the alarm goes off, your monitoring tools activate all the sensors, warning that a fire has been declared, you have to be prepared. It must be organized with agility, but in a planned manner, following the strategy previously established for these cases.

In the face of a crisis of reputation it is necessary that you think in cold blood and know how to act:

Analyze the situation. Make an evaluation at the scene of the events, assessing its scope and severity. Only once you are on the spot and have verified the magnitude of the situation can you establish the guidelines to follow.

It is important that you know how to recognize the type of fire, depending on its nature you will be able to fight it effectively. Just as it is not advisable to use water to extinguish an electric fire, depending on the social network where the problem is being cooked, or if it is a troll, and even if you are simply facing a claim, the way to treat it It will always be different.

Determine the focus of the fire, this is where you must concentrate the greatest number of troops. Find out what is the Ground Zero of the catastrophe and allocate the necessary resources to attack with your heavy artillery and combat the problem from its origin. If you are able to act where you have concentrated and stop it in time, you will weaken the problem, causing its strength to be diluted.

You have to control the fire as soon as possible. It is vital to take the reins, be you who decides the course of circumstances. Otherwise you will be at the mercy of the situation, it would be the problem who governs you. Thus you will be free to adapt the strategy according to the course of events until it reaches its total extermination.

Antetodo, try not to stoke the fire. Your goal is to suffocate it in the fastest way, avoiding causing as little damage as possible to the brand and running the minimum risk. Acts with caution, showing security in each step. Avoid at all costs to stick blind.

Sometimes a withdrawal on time is a victory. If the crisis takes a risky character, assess the pros and cons of continuing to intervene in the same line. It might even be advisable to take a distant attitude.

Stay alert, prevent the fire from reigniting or opening other fronts. Do not think that everything is over until the bulb has been reduced to ashes and they have cooled considerably. It thoroughly monitors the progress of the situation during a reasonable time.

Report directly to those affected. Take the initiative and in no case choose to give the silent response. You should always notice that the company responds. Depending on the magnitude of the situation, you should also consider informing the media. In this case show yourself accessible and do not try to hide information, if they get this data from other sources or leaks, the consequences would be unfortunate.

Remember, the main thing is not to act in hot, follow a strategy and exercise maximum control of the situation. In this way there will be no arsonist who will resist you. Do you consider yourself a good fire chief in social media? What kind of fires did you have to fight?

By ZsuNC

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