In any entrepreneurial project should be a roadmap stable in which support us in moments of weakness or doubt.

These points should be conceptual in nature and can be adapted to different projects. we must always make unexpected changes or pivot on different elements to have the feeling that is moving in the right direction.

The 10 pillars to support your entrepreneurial projectThese pillars must be the following:

Be clear about your “core business”: You really know which is the basis of your business? You would know explain your project clearly one minute and can generate interest the listener? These two points deserve much thought because they are the soul of your project.

– Any project needs a component of emotion and passion. There is a huge number of companies if the founders had initially proposed a 100% rational had not been carried out. If you have devotion for your business, this can be the difference between persevere and survive or get discouraged and give in extreme situations

You need to clear your skills. If not, investigate further. In a first stage surely you will have to take like 3 or 4 positions simultaneously but then have to place you in the area where you are most useful.

– This point is tied to the previous one, when you define your skills you’ll have to supplement it with other skills. In addition, that means you pick your team is key. Avoid making quick decisions at first with this since then costs much more correct.

–  At first invests the minimum to have a first market test. In almost 100% of cases you will have to modify and optimize “acts of faith” that you saw very clear to start. You have to adapt to the market and demand, and that requires many testings.

–  Study your competition; this point possibly read all articles of entrepreneurs but what I propose is to delve into it. Even if you have the opportunity to interact with them the information obtained will be valuable.

–  Consider the fact extend technical knowledge you can use as an added value for your customers. If your potential customers do not perceive you as an expert in your industry possibly your sales go down.

–  The value proposition: I have previously commented on the “core business” as the basis of your business, but this basis is not recommended to be exactly equal to that of an already established competitor in a market where you want to penetrate. It is the eternal question, why I buy from me and not the next? This proposal does not have to be 100% innovative may be a new channel, speed of production or delivery of product, service or shopping experience. If it’s just the price I advise you not the only difference, always appear willing to reduce their margin a little more.

–  Try to incorporate new technologies in your project; I believe that all businesses must adapt their activity to endless opportunities and tools we have available today. It is very important to keep abreast of all you can use to improve your value proposition.

–  Never miss the big picture of what you do. Our day to day sometimes makes us lose partial vision and perspective for decision-making. If you have opportunity, occasionally, stop look around and if you like what you see still in the same direction.

Even at the conceptual level, there are guidelines that will hardly change: passion, equipment, training, objectives … so I propose a “back to basics” in ideas that can help launch or reshape your business.

By ZsuNC

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